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Thomas S. Monson

::: March is a tough month for my family. Somehow three years have passed without my Aunt Peggy. It was her birthday on Monday, and next Tuesday will be the anniversary of her death. Both her life and death have changed us all profoundly and more than anything, this week provides us a time to remember what she taught us and celebrate the beautiful woman that she was.

--- and because, there is and never will be an acceptable transition besides kleenx and a large glass of wine, we will just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving...

::: I feel like I have so much to talk about, so much on my mind and coming up on my schedule, and yet when I put finger to keyboard....I got nothing.

::: I think tomorrow I'm going to try and record a "day in the life" post. I haven't done one in a long, long time, and this season of my life is a somewhat unusual one that I want to document.

::: I'm over the friggen moon excited to go to Chicago next week. I'm lucky that a work trip is taking me there, and then I get to add a day on each end to visit with my family and just be home. I still miss Chicago everyday, but it's been very convenient to not be there from November-February.

::: When I get home from Chicago, Joel's parents will be visiting California for 10 days. They'll spend a good chunk of time in San Diego and a good amount here. I always love having visitors and they're always up for a few tourist-y activities which is a good excuse to get my butt in a museum.

::: Can you believe we change the clocks this week? How did that happen so fast?

::: And speaking of so fast, since my March is booked solid....it's basically April 1st in my mind! Hot damn.

::: Our summer is looking pretty damn busy too, per usual, but I think we've got a few trips to Chicago, a bachelorette party in Nashville, plenty of wedding and baby showers, and maybe even a getaway to Jackson Hole or somewhere West if we can swing it.

::: I'm not sure if I've shared this quote, but this has been a mantra for me lately. Every time a fearful thought or I lose myself in anxiety, I try to take 20 seconds to count my blessings and focus on my gratefulness towards them. By the time I get finished counting through my list, and focusing on the good, my anxious storm is usually on its way out. I hope it helps you if you find yourself struggling with anxiety.

Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.


  1. That's fun you get to go home! I know you'll enjoy that.

    Ahh bachelorette party in Nashville. Good times. I have a recap of mine that we took there in February 2013 if you need ideas.

  2. Blah, at the beginning of February it felt like March, and now it's practically summer. At least I kept telling myself that during yesterday's ice storm.

    There's something about getting the calendar filled up with friends and family that just really feels good.

    Yay for upcoming family time!! Hugs to you all!!

  3. I'm going home to Texas this weekend for the first time since early January, and I am beside myself excited! Sometimes you just need to be home with your people, where endless wine flows and someone else cooks for you :)

  4. Thinking of your family over the next couple of weeks! I'm headed to Nashville for a bachelorette party this summer, too - can't wait!

  5. I'm with you on the anxiety! Especially with wedding planning, I need to step back sometimes and relax!