Twenty Seven

"Age and glasses of wine should never be counted." ~ Italian proverb. 
Today I am celebrating my 27th birthday! Twenty seven is going to be a big year for me. It's the year I will become a mom. A lifelong dream, thought, and far off land, that has somehow gotten here. It's funny how that happens.

Angel Food Bakery | Message Donuts: exclusively at Angel Food, ANY message you want. Just call a day ahead...

Life is fast and furious and while I find myself wishing weeks to pass by quickly (mainly for October), I really, really, really want to enjoy how good life is right this very second. So that's my birthday wish....to take stock of how damn lucky I am to live this life I've been given.

 be here now.

And now, it's wheels up to Vancouver! 


  1. Did Joel give you all those doughnuts? I'm so jealous if so!! Have a great birthday friend!!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Woohooo!!! Happy Birthdayyy!!! Love you!

  3. Are those your doughnuts?????? I would totally rather have that than cake :) Happy Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! Y'all have fun!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! It's my bro's birthday too....awesome!
    I hope you have a great trip to Vancouver, I know you will love it there. Be sure to check out Stanley Park, Capilano(for swaying bridge walk) and the trendy Kitsilano area for shopping/restaurants. Such a fun city, have a wonderful time! :)

  6. Happy Birthday and happy first Mother's Day! So much to celebrate!!!

  7. Happy birthday!! {& mother's day!} It's going to be a beautiful year of firsts for you all! Have a fun & safe trip as well. :)

  8. Hope you had a great birthday! :)