Weekend Recap

While I was in Palm Springs Joel told me he had gone through his cookbook from Christmas (The French Laundry by Thomas Keller) and wanted to make dinner for us on Friday night.

He opened up the dinner with this bad boy, so I knew I was in for a treat since I would literally put truffle oil on cereal.

I watched him cook away and was overall impressed with the amount of work and technique he used. I cook for us a lot, probably 80% of the time, but I do the easy stuff. When Joel cooks, he goes all out, so I took a seat and watched him do his thing without too much commentary.

The appetizer was a truffle infused homemade creme fresh with parmesan crisps (so cool, easy (I think), rosemary bread, and homemade baked potato chips. Really, really good.

He went back into the kitchen for dinner and made some of the best mushrooms I've ever had, an asparagus puree, and scallops.

A very fancy French meal at our house on Friday! 

Saturday morning I made it to spin class and then hung around watching the Derby show until we had to leave around 3. I caught Roscoe trying to snuggle with his brother or sister which was pretty over the top cute even if he did this before baby.

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for a friend and I got the pleasure to be her crib while her parents played in the poker tournament - obviously my party highlight! This tiny little nugget is three months old if you can believe it!

We left the party early to grab a sushi and catch the end of an awesome Clippers game. They won in the last second which seriously made Joel's whole weekend. 

Sunday morning we walked to Starbucks before Church and then spent the rest of the day shopping. I am having zerooooooo luck in the shopping department which is getting really annoying since I'm not loving anything in my closet.

I was in quite the mood this weekend -  especially while we were shopping. I was just super irritable and moody and emotional a solid 80% of the time. I'm pretty sure I started crying when I felt like my purse was too heavy. Ah....fun times!

Thankfully one online purchase worked in my favor . We ordered a new patio rug and thankfully (for everyone's sake) I'm really happy with it.

 Regardless of my prickly mood this weekend, that's a thing of the past because it's my Birthday week! The best present of all will be a great doctors appointment tomorrow, followed maybe by a cupcake and our trip to Vancouver! Here's to my last week of 26!!


  1. Ugh hormones are the worst! Jake barely made it through Annie's pregnancy with me! Hope you are feeling better! Can't wait to hear if I have a niece or nephew!

  2. Sounds like yall had a nice little weekend! love the new rug for the patio!

  3. Your fancy French meal looks and sounds amazing!!

  4. your hubbie's dinner looks amazing! Love truffle oil too.
    your pooch is SOOO adorable!!