Falling for it

I have been just giddy about this weekend for months - college football starts and its somewhat socially acceptable to have a few fall decorations out! 

There is a freshness about September that I crave every single year. Our temps here in LA are just slightly dropping this week and I'm taking that indicator to the bank and getting into the fall state of mind.

hello fall | The Sweet Escape #autum #cozy: hello fall | The Sweet Escape #autum #cozy 

I know it's so #basic of me to be as excited as I am for pumpkin spice coffee, tartan scarves and college football but....if the shoe fits....

Stripe sweater with ripped jeans and booties: Stripe sweater with ripped jeans and booties 
Obviously the only goal I have for this season is bringing home a healthy baby - but in September I really want to try and accomplish a few fally things too:
Bake a few of my favorite fall recipes  - apple crisp, pumpkin cupcakes, and puppy chow are my favorite fall staples 
fall dessert
Get some hearty meals prepared and frozen (my goal is 5) - we are going to find a day to make a bunch of pot pies and chili, but need to find a few other recipes that freeze well
Semi-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie recipe by @nikki striefler (Seeded at the Table). The only thing not home made is the pie crust! Looks absolutely delicious!: Semi-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie recipe by @nikki striefler (Seeded at the Table). The only thing not home made is the pie crust! Looks absolutely delicious!
 Stock the fridge with a lot of Ocotoberfest beer! 
Decorate the house and find two or three new pieces to add to my collection 
Beautiful fall centerpiece: Beautiful fall centerpiece
Go to a sports bar for an Iowa and UT game
Stock up on all of my favorite seasonal candles
Find a few loose sweaters that I'll be comfortable in post baby
Perfect: Perfect Love this!: Love this! ☆: ☆ 
What other little things to do you do to get into a fall state of mind?


  1. Mmmm seasonal candles YAAAAAAS #basic #basic #basic #LOVEIT

    I finally have a front door so I'm all over getting a big fuckin wreath and pumpkins for the entry area!

  2. I'm so basic when it comes to fall it's not even funny. And I don't care. It's my favorite season so haters can hate! Though I make myself wait until labor day weekend before I do anything. So you bet this weekend I'm busting out our fall decor and baking the first batch of fall inspired goodies.

    I'm not into the PSL anymore though. I stopped drinking that last year bc it has WAY too much sugar (along with other crap) and started drinking local coffee at a place that makes their syrups in house. I love it bc I can actually taste both the flavor and coffee. So I'll be drinking whatever seasonal concoction they come out with, as soon they come out with it. ;)

  3. Ahhh college football season. It counts that I'll be watching our first game at a wine bar, surrounded by gossip, cheese plates and chocolate truffles, right? "If the shoe fits," as you said ;) Cheers to fall!

  4. I'm so excited about fall! I really don't have any goals except to get ready for the baby's arrival and enjoy this time. I'll probably throw in a little baking because i love it. My husband is definitely looking forward to football season!

  5. Fall candles!! My favorite!! I always wonder how people in warmer climates DO fall. It's 90 degrees here this week and bumming me the heck out!

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  7. Yasss. Loved this post! I'm so excited about Fall too and totally agree about the freshness September brings. Absolutely love and crave it. We share the so many of the same goals too. Can't wait for the temps to drop a little more here in Illinois! Scarves on scarves on scarves.

  8. So for October.....Sam Adams came out with Pumpkin Patch beer....it is so good!! Until then, just eat chicken pot pie! ;)