Five on Friday

Whoa, this week just flew the heck by. We are most definitely in the throws of the last month of pregnancy and it's not for the weak! Along with now weekly doctor appointments, there's all of the other stuff that I'd like to get done before baby (other doc appointments, oil changes, vet appointments, house stuff etc). Add in a birthing class every Thursday, trying to get work done, and calendar full of other fun celebrations, we've got ourselves a jam packed month!

::: 1 :::
Thankfully last weekend we spent every day at home getting major work done. This was the nursery on Saturday night. 

It's come a long way, I promise!! 

::: 2 ::: 
 With every forward step we took in the nursery, it left us with two extra steps in another room of the house.  All of baby's bath stuff, meant we needed to reorganize the guest bathroom. It was just a joke, but it feels so good now to have everything feeling as organized as I can get it. 

::: 3 :::  
Plus, since I was clearly nesting....the fall stuff went out too while we were at it. I don't need the extra clutter, so I'm keeping it really easy this year, but I'll show some better pics next week! 

::: 4 ::: 
It's been very, very hot in LA this week....and after a long walk, Roscoe popped up on the cool tile fireplace to cool off. He used to sleep up there all the time as a little pup....pass me some kleenx.
::: 5 ::: 
We don't have much planned for this weekend which I'm really, really thankful for. Aside from my cousins wedding shower on Sunday, we're going to lay low. Hopefully make it to a bar for the Vols and Hawkeye games, and that's about it! Hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. "You are not pizza" - dying. Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend!

  2. I'm in a full-blown panic now that the last month has arrived, but I know we will get everything done and our babies will be here!

  3. It's so exciting when Doc visits shift from every two weeks to every week!!!! I can't believe how close both of us are. We've been majorly nesting over here too and it feels so good. Everything feels pretty much in place but now I have a last minute list to accomplish next week. Mainlyl a thorough car clean and prepping some freezer crock pot meals for after babies arrival!!

  4. You're so close!! Enjoy a no plans weekend. My husband is out of town and I am going to do some major nesting this weekend (Minus that whole pregnant belly thing ;)