Bumpdate: 34 weeks

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How Far Along? 35 weeks today, due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 26.5lbs

Maternity Clothes: Making what works work

Nursery: Ahhhh, it's ready to roll with the exception of a few details (new drapes, styled shelves, bolster pillows needed). I'd like the drapes installed before I take real pictures, but PBK has been super slow so we'll see.
Movement: Lots still which is great....the wildest movement is when he moves his head which sticks out like a melon below my ribs.

Symptoms: Slowing down in all areas, out of breath a lot easier (walking and talking is tough!), and hungrier! 
Sleep: Not bad actually 
Joel: Couldn't have done this week without him, no doubt about it. From the nursery to the doctors appointments to making sure I've been eating enough, or sleeping enough, or relaxing enough, or whatever....Joel has seriously been my rock this week.

Workouts: Six-ish. 2 gym, 1 spin, 1 pool, 1 hike, and neighborhood walks.

Mood:  Lots of ups and downs this week

Cravings: Life cinnamon cereal

What I Miss: Not running my A/C and cool, fresh air

Random Things: Kind of a lot this week. 
1. Growth Scan - Looked great. Babe clocked in at 5lb 4oz, right about the 35% tile and they could see some hair and chubby cheeks! All of his organs, fluids, and movement looked great and was a very nice relief to check in.
2. Positioning - We've had a feeling all along but the baby is still breech (frank, in fact). We have some legit discussions and decisions we have to make in the coming week
3. High BP - So, after those two appointments back to back I was ultra nervous and my blood pressure was significantly higher than normal. I always get a higher white coat reading, and my doctor knows that, but this time I just couldn't calm down. To be on the safe side, she sent me for labs, which all came back totally normal. The next day I got a perfect 120/80 reading at CVS when I was calm and relaxed, so I really, really need to start focusing on some relaxation techniques to get a handle on it!

Best Moment This Week: Knowing baby is doing what he needs to, is growing and getting bigger and that all of his organs are looking good is about as good as it gets. He was even practicing his breathing which scored him some extra points from the doctor! 

Looking Forward To: Feeling a little calmer about what is around the bend for us. 


  1. Xoxo. So glad Joel was there for you this week. Sending love. These last weeks aren't fun but so worth it.

  2. hey girl! i never comment anymore but i still read. just wanted you to know i have the same worries and white coat with bp. i was scared my whole pregnancy and randomly had spikes but staying calm was the key. just imagine that baby in your arms and focus on that. thats what i did anytime i had a reading....eyes closed/calmly thinking about baby. you will do great!!

  3. I've been really enjoying an app called Calm (also at calm.com). There's even a 2-minute guided session to just sit and chill the eff out. Highly recommend. You're doing great!

  4. Can't wait to see the nursery reveal! I can only imagine how high all the emotions must be running in these last few weeks of waiting for your baby. Thinking of you and Joel :)

  5. He's growing perfectly and you look radiant! I know you are so excited to meet him!

  6. I can't believe you're at 34 weeks already!! You look fantastic!! He's going to be here so soon! (Ok, I know that last line wasn't helpful, but I am so thrilled for you!)

  7. Just caught up on your last five or so posts! :) Looks like everything is really coming along nicely!! I'm sure you're excited that you've scheduled your baby's birthday...I bet that is a CRAZY feeling!!!! You're looking GREAT!