Bumpdate: 35 weeks

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How Far Along? 35w5d, due October 15, 2015

Gender: BOY!

Weight Gain: 27lbs

Maternity Clothes: Starting to think about clothes for after I have the baby....I want to find a few wrap sweaters and roomy leggings

Nursery: My PBK order shipped, so all I need are two bolster pillows and we're done!
Movement: Lots of heavy movement and I think his dance parties may another reason I'm waking up in the middle of the night

Symptoms: Hungry a lot and just overall less comfortable. Certain positions don't work anymore, bending is harder, putting on shoes is harder, getting more tired and being swollen when its hot or if I sit on bar stools.
Sleep: I'm tired by 9 and fall asleep quickly but there is only one position that is comfortable to sleep which is an S formation with a lot of pillows, laying on my right side. At some point every night, I want to toss and turn but literally there is no other position that feels comfortable for one reason or another. I end up just having to lay the same way all night,  which in turn bugs either my arm, or neck, or leg, or whatever. I'm up by 6am mainly just to get the heck out of bed.
Joel: He's getting very excited - and is a pro at making sure everything on our list is getting checked off.

Workouts: Made it to the gym twice, 1 treadmill and 1 pool, and then walked 3 other days. I'm putting my gym on maternity hold pretty soon, so I'm going to try and get to the pool and at least one more spin class before I no longer have them as options! 

Mood: Anxious

Cravings: All food sounds good at this point

What I Miss: Chicago in the fall

Random Things: Well, we had the major conversations that we needed to have, along with another check on babes position (still, very much so, breech). We are moving forward with a scheduled C-section and have set the date and time with our doctor. I have waves of anxiety when I think about the surgery, but talking to friends and family that have had planned Cs has really helped calm my nerves.

Best Moment This Week: Setting the birthday was/is a pretty incredible moment, feeling, and reality.

Looking Forward To: Crossing off our list of to-do's, enjoying the next few weeks of "just us", and lots of fun social events to keep my mind nice and distracted!


  1. So glad you're feeling more at peace with the big decision!

  2. I love love love you in this white dress!!! You look SPECTACULAR!!

  3. So excited to read your weekly updates and can't wait until I am in the same position. We got married in August and I will go off the pill after the next cycle to see how everything works without hormones. Not planning on starting getting pregnant right away but we shall see...
    Also looking into options for our move to the US. The husband's company has the US headquarter near Chicago (Hoffman Estates) and he might be send over there soon (keeping our fingers crossed).
    So excited to get that next chapter started.

    Lots of love from Switzerland

  4. First of all where is that dress from? I need it! And second the best part about our scheduled births is that we get to meet our little men so much sooner!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  5. Yup, the dress is amazing -- on it's own and mainly on you!

  6. You are looking fabulous Tess! I can't believe how close you're getting!

  7. I swear I'm in shock! How are you already 35 weeks?!?! Crazy! I cannot wait to see you holding your baby boy :-)

  8. You look awesome! He will be here so soon. I had an unplanned c-section and the surgery itself was not bad. It was being in labor for 24 hours before that made it exhausting.

  9. ...and just like that, you're about to be a mama! It's getting real, my friend! You look fantastic and your dress is just too cute.

  10. Wait......35 weeks?????? Where have I been? I swear you were just 20 weeks like yesterday! You look great!! I have to think that having the baby in the fall is best, so that way you can be comfortable and fashionable after the baby arrives with good sweaters and leggings! I'm excited for y'all :)

  11. Eeeeek, you know the birthday, that is soooooo fun! Love it!

  12. I think everyone is always worried about the labor/surgery no matter what, but I am somewhat envious that you know the date of your baby's arrival. It sounds like you are getting everything all organized! I can't wait to see your nursery!

  13. I'm just going to second what everyone else said. You look amazing. And I'm calling dibs on borrowing this dress when my time comes. Love it!

    And YAYYYY for knowing his birthday! I, for one, can't wait!! :)