Five on Friday

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This is a really bittersweet weekend for me. One of my best friends is getting married back in Chicago on Saturday, and I'm obviously not going to be there. Sara and I met our freshman year because our dorm rooms were next to each other, and after about a week were thick as thieves. She asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, and it just breaks my heart that I won't be standing next to her when she marries Sean. I have the happiest reason not the be at the wedding, but I'll be wishing I was there on Saturday like nobody's business. And she is clearly going to make one gorgeous bride. 

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In other happy friend news, one of my girlfriends in LA had her baby this week. She didn't know what she was having, so we were even that much more excited to learn that she had a precious baby boy! Her baby and mine will be just a few weeks apart which will be really fun! We've been watching her sweet dog Lady while they're in the hospital and these two dogs have no idea whats in store for them! Ignorance is bliss buddies! 
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A second time mom shares what's in her hospital bag + what she's NOT bringing to the hospital.:
The countdown for my own babe's birthday is on so I've really had to start focusing on what to bring to the hospital. Knowing we will most likely be there for 4 days has me feeling like I need a few extra things that I wasn't considering. I'd love your feedback if you have any random things to include. 

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Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. Bring On Fall!! :D:
 Next week I want to get some fall baking done - and I'm glad I saved my canned pumpkin because Trader Joes hasn't even started selling it yet! Apparently I'm ahead of the game... I'm going to try and freeze a big batch of my bran muffins that I posted about yesterday too, so I'll let you know if that works. My mom will be out in CA for a few weeks when the baby is here, so I'm not worried that we're going to starve, but I think if we have a few dinners stored up we'll both feel better. Any favorite freezer meals? I don't freeze anything so I'm a total rookie. 

::: 5 :::  
I'm so glad to see the weekend here! It's kind of crazy wrapping up work, and I've been loving our weekend routines lately. Tonight we're going to stay home and make pizzas, then tomorrow we have a friends son's birthday party and my cousins bachelorette party and then taking it easy on Sunday. Hopefully a good balance of home and friend time! 


  1. Take your own pillow!!! I took two and was so glad. The second was supposed to be for Kevin but that didn't work out! ;)

    Enchiladas freeze well. Also chili!

  2. You are so on top of it! I've never had much luck freezing things; my advice is to buy pre-made frozen things to have on hand...I'm so domestic, I know!

    I've been working on getting my hospital bag ready. It's tough because so many of the things you need to pack you also want on a daily basis too, so you can't pack them until the last minute. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wahoo! IT is almost baby time!
    Here is a link to some freezer meals we make regularly and I take to new mamacitas!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Girl, look at you still living it up though even if you can't make the wedding and are about to go into labor! Perfect weekend of in one night and out the next! Enjoy :)