Fresh Start

2015 was such a year of change...and 2016 I want to focus on enjoying it. I've seen the word "contentment" around instagram, and it's struck a chord with me.

I struggle with being content but I'm starting to realize that my struggle to feel "completed" or feel like I'll find what I'm looking for when we __"fill in the blank"__ will never end. Life is a journey so I really want to learn how to feel content in the now.

My number one focus this year is on being the best mom I can be, but beyond that, I have a few measurable goals I want to focus on as well.

Poor Judgement:

::: Back to pre-baby body :::

Ugh, the time has come to get serious about losing the last bit of of baby weight. Within the six weeks after having Leo, I lost fifteen of the twenty seven pounds I gained without doing anything. I thought I could ride that wave, but, I'm at a standstill and the holidays did me no favors, so I now I have to put forth some effort. 

The only thing that has ever worked for me is cutting carbs - so as of yesterday I have to be much more conscious about the carbs I'm eating and focus on getting in some kind of workout everyday. I want to lose the last 12-14lbs before my birthday (in May) and I'm ok with going steady and slowly.

::: Quality over quantity ::: 

I've found over the last year that it truly doesn't matter how many friends you can count, but really the ones you can count on.

Same rule applies for clothes.

 ::: Keeping Cool ::: 

Having a baby has tripled the amount of stressful moments that occur on any given day and I really want to focus on not losing my shit when things don't go according to my plans. I want to roll with things a little better than I do and not make every hiccup such a catastrophic event.

::: Watch my mouth ::: 

I have the worst language and I really do not want to have Leo grow up speaking like Kim and Kroy's little boys....




  1. I second this post and your resolutions! I am having a hard time thinking about the diet yet when I feel like I need all the chocolate in the world.

  2. Love it! I'm going for low carb and exercise too. That's just a good way to live right?!