Last Weekend Report

I'm a little behind here, so let me back track to two weekends ago when my cousin Liz and my Grandma...we call her Kuka...flew out to LA. 

Kuka (she's 87) and Liz came in on Thursday, and as soon as their feet hit the California soil, we never stopped moving.

 We spent Thursday at home playing with Leo and then went out to Tavern for a drink and later Pecarino for an authentic Italian dinner.

The owner of Pecorino is from the same town in Italy as my Grandma, so we knew we had to take her here when she got into town - and she loved every bit.

My dad had already left to head back to Chicago, so Kuka and Liz stayed at my parents condo with my mom and Nellie which worked out perfectly. That Friday morning, Leo and I headed to their house early and then we spent the day in Santa Monica. 

Our first stop of the day was lunch at Huckleberry which neverrrr disappoints.

From there, we took a long walk on Ocean and then walked up the pier.

We caught a beautiful day in Santa Monica, so we decided to make a pit stop at Shutters (one of my all time favorite hotels) so that I could feed the baby and we could all have a drink and enjoy the view. 


That night everyone stayed at my house and we made meatballs and pasta, and my cousin Cole came over too to have dinner and play games. 

 Saturday I drove the girls into Hollywood to do some good old fashion tourist activities. I didn't have a ton of desire to do the celebrity house tour and Madame Tussads tour....but it actually sounded like it was really pretty fun.

Sunday Joel left for a work trip in Florida, so Leo, Roscoe and I moved in over at the condo with all of the girls. We spent all of Sunday at the house...took a few long walks, explored Venice and then broke out the champagne.

Later that afternoon, my cousins Cole and Brianna and their son Nolan joined the party - and we bascially spent the rest of the night being entertained by Nolan.


Monday morning we all had breakfast at home and then had to get them ready to head back to the airport.

We had the absolute best time with them in California (even though it made me that much sadder not to live close to them back in Chicago). It meant so much to me and my mom that they were able to come to us and soak in some of Leo's goodness.....


  1. What an amazing time! That is so wonderful that your grandma could have time with Leo!

  2. Love this! You live in a gorgeous place my friend!