Home away from Home

 More for my own memory than anything else, I wanted to write down some of the details and pictures of the place my parents stayed at while they were here in LA. 

They normally spend a big chunk of time in Mexico in the winter, but with Leo they decided to rent a condo in Marina Del Rey, a town about 15/20 minutes from our house. I spent the summer looking for options for them and ended up hitting the jackpot (on VRBO). 


 Since they were here for so long, we spent the first few days getting it "ready". We moved in an extra rock and play for Leo to nap in, set up a play area and changing station, put up a mini-Christmas tree, bought candles and turned it the condo into our home away from home.


Most days, I would head over with Leo right after his morning nap and we'd spend the whole day there.


Leo was spoiled rotten while we were there with someone always loving on him or showing him new things. 


 Which freed up our hands to do important things like sit by the fire and have a glass of wine.

 Roscoe even got to share in the fun for two nights when Leo and I moved in because Joel was on a business trip.

I honestly wanted to up and move there full time - it was the perfect spot for us all and we ended up spending a ton of time there checking out a new part of Los Angeles that I really never explored before.

 This little guy doesn't even have a clue as to how much he is loved and how lucky he (and his parents) are to have his Grandparents and aunts come and spend so much time with us. It was nothing short of amazing. 


  1. That is so awesome that your parents were able to spend that much time :) The picture of Leo in the bed is too cute!

  2. What a treat that must have been!! Leo is a lucky little boy! Know your family must have loved every minute they got to spend with him and you!