Five on Friday

::: 1 :::
I was obsessed with Full House growing up - and even into college, we would often have Full House re-runs playing in our dorm room. I'm going to preface what I'm going to say with the fact that I'm not the best TV or Movie critic. I like happy, light-hearted, funny stuff....and that's about it. So, when I say that I'm "obsessed" with Fuller House....know that it will not win any awards. But it's cute, and funny, and I've been watching a few episodes every night and really, really enjoying it.

::: 2 :::
This week was pretty exciting in the world of strollers for Leo. Not only did he start riding around in the uppababy seat (vs. the carseat), I also took him on a run in the Bob stroller. 
Side note.....It's really hard to run with the stroller! We just did a mile and I was huffing and puffing like we had gone five! Any tips?

::: 3 :::
We have been trying to spend as much time outdoors as we can. I feel like everyone is happier if we get to a park or just spend a little time out on our patio. Leo is mesmerized by the world right now so, this week I've been setting up a little makeshift backyard on our patio. We have a great park a few blocks away, but this has been making life a lot easier.

::: 4 :::
 Slow Cooker Corned Beef - Let the crockpot do all the work for you - simply throw everything in and you are set. It's so easy, so tender and so flavorful!:

I feel like St. Patrick's Day is a much bigger celebration in Chicago than it is in California, but I really want to celebrate it at home this year and try my hand and corned beef. This crockpot recipe seems like it couldn't be easier! And....I'm also going to have to these mint bars and take them into Joel's office.....I've been looking for an excuse to make them for months!

Chocolate Mint Bars recipe : good recipe for St. Patrick's Day!:

::: 5 :::
My friends Lauren and Max are coming in from Colorado this weekend to stay with us and meet Leo! It's going to be a different visit since we now have a baby in the mix, but I can't wait to spend time catching up. We're hoping to fit in a few hikes, beach time, restaurants and plenty of wine!  



  1. I made Martha's crock pot corned beef a few years ago but completely forgot to add in the water.... and it was AMAZING. Much more a roasted than boiled flavor. Pro tip ;)

    (And that first pic with the book is TOO MUCH)

  2. Doesn't being outside make all the difference?! Yall have a fun weekend with your friends!

  3. Have a great time with Lauren - tell her hi from me! :) Also, that quote was much needed.. Happy Friday to you dear!

  4. Thank you for the "Fuller House" reminder! Oh, youthful tv shows are the best :)

  5. That backyard patio set up is adorable! I also have been loving Fuller House and I'm glad it will be back for another season! Jess at Just Jess