Thursday Thoughts: St. Patty's Style

Happy St. Patty's Day! 

Every "first" with Leo is more fun for us, so we're trying to make fun traditions along the way. Tonight we'll be making corned beef and celebrating our Irish heritage with my cousin Erin and her husband Danny.

We are dropping off these St. Patty's cookies we made yesterday to Joel's office, and I'm really hoping that my mint bars turn out too. I had to refrigerate them overnight, so today we will find out if they are as good as they look!

My Dad is 100% Irish, so growing up, my sisters and I all took Irish Step Dancing. We were pretty serious about it for a good couple of years, but none of us had all that much talent, so by the time it got uber competitive, we bowed out. This was the only photo I could find on my computer of our dancing days....#75 is my middle sister Hannah, and one of our best friends Bridget that danced with us.


I think this picture was taken down in Washington D.C. at a dance competition if my memory serves me. We would have to spend the night before the competition in aggressive hair curlers to pull off the traditional Irish Step Dancer hair-do that was part of the costume.  

Based on this picture....it looks like nowadays they are dancing with really bad wigs.....

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  1. Happy St.Patrick's Day

  2. Haha nice pic!!! So sweet y'all are taking cookies to his office!

  3. Oh man, my Irish Step wig was BANANAS. The curls weren't as tight as that above picture but it was definitely a monster to style and store properly. I still have my big embroidered (HEAVY) dress!

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm so impressed by your cookie decorating skills!

  5. Love that comic! Also, those wigs are crazy! Happy St. Patrick's Day and I love all the celebrations you are planning with Leo!

  6. Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! That photo of Leo is absolutely precious.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/