New Friends & Old Friends

This past weekend one of my college roomies, Lauren, and her boyfriend Max, came to visit us this weekend from Colorado. We had such a great time showing them around LA...and giving them a glimpse into life with Leo. 

When Joel got home from work on Friday, we took them to our favorite spot for dinner, Milo & Olive. We had Leo with us, so we got to the restaurant by 5:15 and quickly got seated. 

As soon as we sat down, Chris Martin (from Coldplay), walked right by our table with his son. I whispered to the group about the sighting, Chris came back in, I got a picture of his back (right behind my friends, in the blue baseball tee), and we went on with our dinner.

About thirty minutes later, he walks right by us again to leave, but this time, behind him was Gwenyth Paltrow. She and her son were ogling over Leo. Thankfully Leo was putting his charm on, so they came up to us and started playing with him. I kid you not, the words out of Gwenyth Paltrow's mouth were "Well, isn't he just the cutest baby I've ever seen".

She then asked me if I wanted to come to her house later for martinis and we've been best friends ever since.

No, not that part....but she was adorable. I freaked out and called my mom from the bathroom, and then we went on with our dinner. We were home by 7, after we picked up SusieCakes cupcakes, had a bunch of wine, and just caught up with Lauren and Max.

Saturday morning we got up early and took a long hike up Westridge Canyon. The weather was spectacular and we got in a pretty solid workout. 

 We had brunch at Coraltree afterwards and then when we got home, Lauren and I snuck away to get massages which were heavenly. 

Saturday night was my girlfriend Beth's birthday party. It was at the beach in Playa Del Rey, and her husband had made a huge spread for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately it was really windy and cold, so we took some pictures, guzzled a beer, and left after about thirty minutes.

We gave Leo a bath and then ordered in Thai food and played games which turned out to be a perfect way to spend the chilly evening.

Sunday was a little overcast, but we had an early lunch at M Street Cafe in Santa Monica and then went for a long walk along the ocean. We took them to the end of the Santa Monica Pier and then came home and just hung at home the rest of the evening.

We listened to music, Joel made pizzas, and we capped the night off with the most hilarious game of Scattegories I think I've ever played. 

We had such a good weekend with Lauren and Max....old friends are such treasures...even more so than being new besties with Gwen....and we will seriously miss them.  


  1. LOL, that is so awesome you saw Chris and Gwen! What a celebrity sighting! Leo is getting so big and cuter by the day! Sounds like a wonderful time with dear friends.

  2. I was hoping you would blog ab the the Gwenyth Paltrow sighting after seeing your snap. Not every day you get that kind of celeb sighting. I guess the concious uncoupling is working out well for them. What a fun story for your out of town friends to have too!

  3. Looks like such a perfect weekend with friends! And whoa...that is SO cool that you and Gwenyth talked and are basically besties, now!

  4. What a fun weekend with friends!

    Leo is absolutely precious!!

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/