Weekend Report

Our weekend started Thursday in a big, big way.

If you've followed here for a while, you probably know that Joel and I are big tennis fans. We both played in high school, Joel played in college on a full ride, and we love to get to tournaments when we have the ability to do so. 

A few weeks back, Joel found out his company was hosting a private dinner with tennis great Roger Federer and I was lucky enough to tag along! We have literally been excited about this dinner two weeks. It was hosted at Cecconi's, which is one of my favorite restaurants in West Hollywood.  

This also marked Leo's first night with an actual babysitter! She got to our house at 5pm, and she did so great with Leo....she sent me pictures like every 30 minutes and totally allowed Joel and I to fully enjoy our night away.

We got to the restaurant at six, had a few glasses of champagne before the guests arrived, and before I knew it, we were sharing air with Mr. Federer himself.

The night was for Joel's clients, so I did take a backseat even though I reallllly wanted to fan girl out. 

 Thankfully the champagne was flowing QUITE heavily. He did a Q&A with Mary Jo Fernadez (another former tennis player), and then everyone sat down for dinner. 


Dinner wasn't served until 9pm, so by the time 10:45 rolled around, I had to sneak out to let the babysitter go home. I was really bummed that I missed my chance at a selfie with Roger, but Joel got his 5 minutes with him, so its kind of like I did....right?


Either way, it was an amazing night out, one that I definitely paid for the next day (this girl can NOT hang like she used to).

Friday night was pizza, tea, and a lot of episodes of Fuller House for me! 

Saturday morning I had a much needed hair appointment. If you watch my snaps (tshields622), you'll know that I used to dread going to get my hair done. I felt way to antsy to sit in that chair for two or three hours, but now, it's the epitome of luxury.

I had a mimosa, read magazines, listened to music, and totally zen-ed out.

Unfortunately, I'm not jazzed by the color, so I have to go back on Wednesday for her to fix it a bit.

Saturday night Joel made chili and we hung around at home lounging and playing with the baby. Leo started sitting up this week which has been really fun to watch! Cutting a tooth has not been as much fun....

 Sunday, Joel got in a long run in the morning, and during nap time I did four miles, which is the longest I've done since before I was pregnant. To think that I ran a half marathon last fall.....I've lost those miles fast!

We did break out the Bob stroller this weekend, so I'm really hoping that I can take Leo on a few runs during the week to help bring up my mileage. 

I snuck away to the grocery store in the afternoon, Joel worked and I read, and then Joel whipped up some amazing Cabernet red wine burgers and a caprese salad.

We put a cap on the weekend and are ready to start a fresh week around here!


  1. So nice you guys got a date night out! Looks like a fun weekend! I love your snaps of Leo, he's just too cute!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend full of fun and some relaxation! Your family is just the cutest.

  3. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful weekend filled with fun & relaxation. The picture of Leo sitting up is absolutely precious!!

    I hope you all have a great week! :)

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com

  4. I can't believe you were in the same room as Fed!!! Amazing. I'm a tennis fan too, and would probably geek out more over seeing him than a regular celebrity :)

    Leo is adorable!

  5. What an amazing weekend!! So fun that you got to sneak away for a night out and see Federer!!! I loved following your snaps, and I love your everyday Leo snaps. He's so cute!

  6. That is so amazing that you had a dinner with Federer! It sounds like the best weekend ever!

  7. It sounds your family have fun and relaxing moment.

  8. I hope you all have a great week!