Five on Friday

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Well, um, the Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World Series!
and....That's basically summed up our week to be honest
Game 7 was fun, not fun, wild, exciting, and we pulled it through in the 10th inning after a short rain delay. Joel and I went literally nuts when the game was over, blasting the "Go Cubs Go" song, taking swigs of champagne out of the bottle, jumping from couch to couch....it was a scene (that thankfully Leo slept through). Such a dream and itt sure makes me proud to be a Chicagoan! 

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Image result for This is Us 
I am obsessed. I've spent the last three days binge watching the six episodes that I DVR'ed, and I can't get enough. And so far....while its made me cry....its not overly sad and more so addicting and adorable.

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Even though its still in the goddamn eighties here, it's somewhat cool in the mornings. Now that Leo is getting older I'm preferring two piece jammies for him. They just seem to be a little easier but his little feet get so cold walking around on our wood floors so I needed to find some kind of toe warming solution.
 Zutano - Cozie Fleece Furry Lined Bootie - Heather Gray - Size 6 month
 Which is why I'm really obsessed with these Zutano booties with grippers on the bottom. We had a pair for him when was a little baby, and these are the perfect "grown up" slipper/sock option for him right now. If you're in need of something like this for the upcoming winter....I highly recommend. **We ordered size 18mths, and they fit well. I think the brand runs a bit small, as Leo is a size 3 in shoes. 

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I cannot believe that it's almost time to start shopping for Christmas again. Is it bad to just give everyone framed pictures of Leo again?
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Quotable from Emily Freeman #SimplyTuesday:


  1. I am obsessed with This is Us, too! But I don't have the same sobbing reaction every episode that people on my Facebook/Twitter do. I thought maybe I was just either missing something and/or heartless. But it seriously is my favorite show at the moment! and yay for the Cubs!

  2. Ahh I'm such a nut, I begin Christmas shopping like... right after Labor Day. I like to ENJOY my December and focus on Christmas music and cookies instead of stress of finding The Perfect Thing. Literally only have John left to shop for. Feels So good.

  3. I loved your snaps on the world series night! Ha!! Just ordered the booties...thank you!

  4. hahahaha I love what you said about the weather. While getting the kids strapped into the car this morning I said something along the same lines. I am so tired of sweating!!! Where is the cool weather?! Congrats on the world series win :-)

  5. Those little booties are so cute! Does he keep them on? I picture Oliver yanking them off as soon as I put them on! Loving This is Us too! Theo does as well, he even cried the first episode, and I've seen him cry maybe once!

  6. Go Cubs!!!! I can only imagine how insane the city was that night. We are loving This Is Us, too - it fulfills the gap Parenthood left behind!