Weekly Menu

Posting my weekly menu here always has me a little extra motivated to try a new recipe and keep our menu changing from week to week. 

Overall, our meals were really easy, quick to make, and kept everyone happy. 

Tuesday: Salmon Fajita Salad - I'm trying to make sure we eat fish at least once a week, and this was my first time pan frying salmon, which turned out really well.

Wednesday: Black Bean Burgers - another new recipe for me and we all liked it a lot (makes a great lunch too).

Thursday: Crock pot maple, djion drumsticks, roasted brussel sprouts, and refried black beans 



  1. These all look SO good. Definitely want to try the salmon! We need to eat more fish too.

  2. yum i always love your weekly recipe posts!! I want to try those drumsticks and that black bean burger!!

  3. These all look delicious and healthy! I need to make more time out of my week to actually plan meals and prep.

  4. These meals look great! I think I need to make a few of these next week...I think my husband would love those drumsticks!