Five on Friday

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Clearly the city of Beverly Hills agrees with me - because we are decking our halls this weekend too! We are out of town the next two weeks, and that means so much fewer days to enjoy the beauty that is a lit Christmas tree - so up early it goes!!!!

Christmas leggings and hot cocoa:
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Also, pretty special this weekend - we are taking Leo to Disneyland! All of his cousins are coming together for Thanksgiving (most of them are staying a few extra days in Disney), but we are joining them for one fun filled day on Sunday! 
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Joel and I are not really Disney people, and I'm nervous that its going to be absolute madness with the holiday - but to see it all dressed up for Christmas, and through all of my nieces and nephews (and son's) eyes, is going to be pretty special, so I'm willing to be converted!

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I am SO off my running game but this week I tried to get a few runs in with Leo. I'm really hoping running with a stroller will make running without it feel like a breeze because I am struggggggling with it! 

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hand-applied beveled mirrors in our Sophie collection make an entryway graceful & grand. Click to shop Sophie. Photo: @salesbarista:
Thank you for all of the love on our family photos. I'm SO overdue for framing all of my favorite photos. I have so many pictures and just no idea how to display all of them .... and then when and how often to switch them out. I try to get ambitious and stick them into shutterfly books when I get free time, but that hasn't happened since Leo was born, so the pictures are piling up. Plus, I don't want my entire house covered in family photos, so I've got to find the right balance.

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  1. I am so ready to deck the halls! That's so fun you guys are going to Disney Land! I bet Leo will love it! It is so hard to find the time to make photo books these days! Have you heard of Chatbooks? I made a book of Camden's 1st year through the site and it's super easy! They pull your photos from IG and you can upload photos. It's just a hard cover book with one photo per page and he loves looking at it now! And made a copy as a gift for the grandparents!

  2. My family happen to be big Disneyland fans (and my kids are now adults). It takes me back to the innocence and joy of childhood. Of course now our trips consist of cocktails and such!!! Hope you have a wonderful time.