What's Up Around Here....

::: Leo is officially down to one nap (12:30-3pm *if I'm lucky) and it's exhausting! I'm kind of not sure what I'm doing wrong because I am all but out of energy before lunch. 

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::: Or at least, I would be if I wasn't chugging coffee like its water! I'm sitting pretty at 3 cups a day and I know that's a habit I need to curb a bit!

::: What are good 1 year old activities and toys? We just started to introduce some craft time in our day, but I'd love to know if you have any fun tricks up your sleeve (besides going to the park all day long!). 

By far, the best toddler activity list I've ever seen. We're starting tomorrow! 40 Ways to Distract a Toddler: Puzzle storage!! Best way to store kids puzzles! Buy some Legal size poly expandable envelopes. Remove the string and replace with Velcro circles. Place in a bin or on a shelf. My rule is one out at a time. The envelopes are easy enough for my two year old to open and clean up himself.:

::: We have such a jam packed next few months....I'm ready to settle down....see above regarding exhaustion.

::: All fun stuff on the agenda though so I don't have much room to complain. We head to San Diego for Thanksgiving to celebrate with all of Joel's family, a trip to Disney, a week long trip to Scottsdale, AZ the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! 

::: That trip to Scottsdale though is a 6 hour car trip with Leo that has me losing a little sleep! Our game plan is to leave really early in the morning, give him a bottle in the car and then hope he falls back asleep before we stop for breakfast, run around a park, and then stick a movie on. Think it could work?

::: I'm due for a "Day in the Life" post. They are always my favorite to look at from other people, and go back and read through mine, so I think we might try and get that accomplished this week!

::: This is basically turning into a long stream of my thoughts, but, it leads me to my defense of what I'm going to say next; We are putting up our Christmas decorations NEXT weekend. I know it's insane, but if I wait until after Thanksgiving, we only get 2/3 weekends with them, and that's just not enough time for all the effort!  So, judge away (mom).

::: Has anyone ordered their Christmas cards yet? There is no denying that the season is basically here. I've always been loyal to Minted, so I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order the one I have my eye on, but I'm waiting for a solid discount code to come through my inbox. Here's a sneak peek of our little photoshoot!

::: Speaking of discount codes - I think this is going to be the first year that I try to take advantage of some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. We are in desperate need of some new furniture (mainly a new sectional or couches), so I'm going to start shopping this week and then buy after Thanksgiving.

::: This will be, I think, my 11th year in a row running a Turkey Trot, and this year I've probably logged the least amount of running miles in my life. It might be a rudddde awakening!

::: I'm going to try and get pen to paper for our Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions - and I'd love to add some new ones to my list too.

::: Have you read any good, light-hearted, "beachy", books? I tried to get into The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close (author of Girls in White Dresses which I liked), but just couldn't get past the first few chapters.

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  1. That picture of the three of you is too precious for words. Can't wait to see the rest!
    I just finished the Hopefuls a couple weeks ago, and while I enjoyed it, it definitely does drag along for ages and then ends up being pretty predictable.

  2. That picture! Too cute!
    The Melissa and Doug sound puzzles were a hit with my nephews and my nanny kid around this age.

    Book wise, I really liked Eligible, The Hating Game and The Royal We

  3. SO many fun things! Minted is my go to for years and they address the envelopes for you if you put your addresses in their spreadsheet. Took some time the first year but it's done for every year going forward now.

    As for things to do during the day before nap (on weekends for me)...we usually get up, play or watch a cartoon, do breakfast around 8 until 8:30 or so. Maybe a craft or coloring after that then we get ready for the day and go out around 10ish...we try to be back home by 11:30/12 for lunch then nap by 12:15/12:45. I always feel like the mornings fly by. After nap is when we go walk or play outside. Does this help?

    Excited for day in the life post...I always love those too. Sounds like you all have lots of fun activities for the holidays...I started a list yesterday of things I want to do around Charlotte with MA!

  4. I have an awesome "Traditions" book! I will show it to you this weekend! I am just getting into it and it has some really great ideas! :)

  5. not much for one year olds--thats why I put mine in school:) hahaha

  6. I loved The Hopefuls! I'm really in to suspense books right now, so I don't have any suggestions for light-hearted reads, but our book club has Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple and The Trespasser by Tana French up next! Here's hoping they're good reads.

  7. So many fun things planned! One year olds are tough, especially boys. I found mine weren't that good with crafts until 2 or after. I just usually made sure we had an activity every morning- playgroup, gym class, music class, library class. Then lunch, naps. Once they drop the morning nap though you both need time to adjust, losing that first break of the day can be tough. Love that picture of you three, I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet! The holidays are approaching way too quickly!

  8. I agree dropping to 1 nap is hard. I try to map out my week by having different activities in the am such as: library storytime, children's museum, play date, indoor play cafe or running errands. I think it def helps to have something planned bc if not it makes for a long morning.

  9. I know no young moms will agree with me, but try to avoid screen time in the car with Leo. All pediatricians recommend NO screen time for kids under 2. It's just not good for them. You can engage with him in the back seat. Especially with the crisis amount of ADHD diagnosis in our country. It's just a road trip..take advantage