Thanksgiving Break

It's been crazy around here.

Stomach bugs (and like 90 loads of laundry), trips to Disney (in the pouring rain), a cone-wearing dog (that barks through the night), in laws in town (with lots of different schedules to manage), more balls in the air than I can even count (more to come on that later), and so......as I try to make it through this week thankful, present and happy, I thought I better take blogging off my list of to-do's.

Hope to see you back here in a week or two (because we leave for Arizona a week from today!), feeling rested (ha!), sober (ha! ha!), and not 5 pounds heavier (ha! ha! ha!)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



  1. I feel you on so much to manage right now - I hate how the holidays can become so stressful! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Hope Leo is better and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Have a wonderful, Happy Thanksgiving with your sweet family!

  4. Sounds eventful! Hope y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!