California Getaway

Isn't it funny that when you don't fly with a baby, the airplane part becomes part of the vacation? We pulled out of our house in the uber and felt like we were free as birds!

We had been flying a ton of Virgin America when we were flying back and forth to Chicago and LA, and since now the airline is merging with Alaska, we cashed in a few points so that we could upgrade ourselves. It was such a fun, relaxing flight, and kicked off our vacation on the right foot.

As soon as we landed, my best friend Shelby picked us up from the airport and took us right to Joel's favorite LA restaurant, Fishing with Dynamite. 

We indulged in tons of rose, oysters, dessert....we just took a long, leisure lunch and enjoyed every second. 



We stayed with Shelby, who happens to live in our old building. It was so fun/weird/amazing/sad/etc. to be back in our old building, but we rallied, and really just enjoyed feeling back home.

Friday night was honestly perfect. We put it put it out to a few friends that we would be in LA and met up for happy hour.

Being with these girls was just what I needed. It is like no time has passed at all, we pick up from where we left off, and we can all be our true selves. 

Happy hour moved into dinner, and we all drank way too much catching up back at Shelby's, soaking in every minute together that we could. 

Saturday morning, Shelby and I started the morning off right with 8 sets of the Santa Monica stairs. 

Not kidding, my calves are still killing me. 

We had coffee back with Shelby and her sweet baby Tucker that I miss everyday, and just had the best time ever.

Joel and I snuck away for a lunch date at A.O.C. which was so much fun. 

If you live in LA, their brunch is bomb.  

We got back to Shelby's right before 2:30pm, spent some time hanging, and then got ready for our dear friend Ami and Alex's spectacular wedding in Bel Air.

The wedding location was breathtaking, and I was so glad we got plenty of time to soak in the ocean.

The wedding was so lovely (personal vows get my every time), Ami's dad's speech was on of the best I've ever heard, we met such cool people at the wedding, and we had just an amazing time in the company of such kindness and love.


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Sunday morning was a little brutal but after coffee and bagels, we rallied with Shelby and Tucker and drove down to San Diego so we could spend some time with Joel's brother's family. They welcomes a new baby in January and we couldn't wait to get our hands on her.

We spent the day relaxing, soaking in baby cuddles, and being together. 

The four of us, and our sweet niece Evie, snuck away for a really, really nice dinner in San Diego. 


We loved being together, even though it was way too short, and somehow, Monday morning rolled and we were en route to the airport. 

We had the absolute worst flight home of my life. The last 45 minutes I actually thought our flight was going to crash. A few people were throwing up in front of us, I was hysterically crying, and grown men were hollering out every time we tipped, dipped, and whipped. It sucked so. horribly. bad. 

I honestly kissed the ground when we touched down - and was even that much more thankful to get my baby Leo in my arms.

A good weekend away, good for Joel and I, and so, so good to get home.


  1. Oh my gosh, that flight home sounds horrific. I'm so glad you made it safely back, and other than that it sounds like an amazing time!

  2. Sounds like the best weekend ever except for that flight!! Crazy! Ami was such a pretty bride! Glad yall had a nice getaway!

  3. This sounds like the best weekend! I bet it was so good to be back in California for a little while. And that wedding looked so gorgeous. Too bad for that flight home! So crazy.