Five on Friday

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::: 1 :::
Do you watch Southern Charm? It's by far my favorite Bravo show, and I think Cameron is just about the cutest/coolest girl ever...and she just announced that she is pregnant. Not sure why I find that so exciting, but most of the show she said she wasn't sure she ever wanted to have kids, so I basically squealed when she posted this a few days ago. I'm too invested, I know. 

::: 2 :::
My mom has started to clear out some of the stuff they aren't taking to their new house, and I'm happily the recipient of all of her rejects. She just passed along these pillow cases and I think they're like a perfect fit for the new couch. I may only use one, but clearly my entire house is going to be a gold/navy situation. 

I am also thinking about biting the bullet on this light fixture (to replace that awful chandelier), but I'm just worried about its trendiness which is why I've delayed, but the price is insane so I may just go for it....what do you think. 

Metal Orb Chandelier
::: 3 :::
I read Southernmost, the adorable sequel to Southern Solstice, and now I'm on the hunt for a new read. I'm leaning towards One True Love (based on Shay's recap) , but could easily be swayed if you have a fun, easy book you would reccomend. 
::: 4 ::: 
This big kid is registered for a 2 year pre-school program! I can't even stand it! Now, because of where Leo's birthday falls (September 24th), he will actually end up repeating this 2 year program since you need to be 3 by September 1st to be in the 3yr old class, but that's just fine by me. I think he will benefit from being the youngest and the oldest, and at just one day a week...I think we'll all get on just fine! 

::: 5 :::
Tonight, Leo and I are going to meet Joel after work to do a little shopping and then grab dinner on the way home. Saturday we're hoping to do yard work between the rain they're calling for, and then Sunday I'm heading downtown to celebrate my sister's birthday. We have a fun little activity up our sleeves, so it should make for a fun day. 


  1. That's so neat that you enrolled Leo in a preschool program! It sounds like it is the perfect fit too, with just one day a week. We are in a similar boat about the timing of things with an October birthday. I actually think it is a good thing though! Also, I like the chandelier. We're eventually hoping to replace all of our light fixtures, but I know that is a good way to go through money fast!