Easter Weekend Recap

This weekend gave us the first glimpse into summer here in Illinois and what I can tell so far is that we are going to spend a LOT of time outside. Literally every time we would come inside for a water break, snack, bathroom, whatever Leo would pitch the biggest fit. The kid would spend every waking moment outside if he could! 

Friday (Good Friday), Joel and I both had the day off work, so we spent the morning brunch with our friends that came in from the city for a fun little play date.

That afternoon we took it easy, played outside and ended up throwing together leftovers for dinner. We both were exhausted from the week and welcomed the low-key Friday.

Saturday morning, Joel joined Leo and I on a 4 mile run, and then we spent the rest of the morning outside entertaining Leo and getting yard work done. 

That afternoon we hung out with some cousins, enjoyed our new gate on the patio and Leo's new swing from his Coco and Papa, ordered in pizza and just stayed in. We needed an at home weekend badly, and with the windows open, perfect weather....it was Heavenly.

We just started working on the outside, and while we don't have tons of major projects, we are ticking away at A LOT of little ones. Putting a gate up on the patio had to happen quick, and I'm glad that job is done. In the next few weeks, we will be power-washing and staining the deck and play set, adding much needed fresh mulch, trying to freshen up the landscaping, and hopefully laying down a patio.

We also said goodbye to our orangey-red front door. The painter needs to put the final jet black coat to it (on Tuesday) but I was happy to say Buh Bye! 

Easter Sunday was a perfect blur. We started the morning with church which was a total zoo - but we were glad we made it. When we got back home, my family met us at our house to give Leo his 12 Easter baskets (the only grandchild thing has him majorly spoiled) and a fun Easter egg hunt.


We're really hoping some of those lotto tickets Leo found in his eggs hit it big!

Then our family went to the country club for Easter brunch.

Leo was no where near a fan of the Easter bunny so I didn't feel like torturing him for the sake of a picture, so nothing to show there, but we had a really great time, and it was really nice to just be with our family and enjoy the low key day.

We spent the rest of the afternoon outside on the patio enjoying the weather and each other's company before having an early dinner and calling it a night.

When all of my family left, Leo totally lost his mind. I think the constant stimulation, and day filled with WAY more sugar than he typically ever gets made him go temporarily insane, and we dealt with almost an hour tantrum before we could calm him down. 

Besides that minor detail, nothing makes holidays sweeter than babies, and Leo brings so much joy to our family. We all truly just sit around in a circle and admire and stare and crack up at him. The boy has quite the fan club in us - and we couldn't love him more if we tried. 



  1. It sounds like y'all had the perfect Easter weekend! How lucky of Leo getting 12 baskets, hope you guys hit it big with those lotto tickets!

  2. Aww! I love all of Leo's Easter egg baskets. He is definitely living the good life! It looks like a wonderful Easter!

  3. What a sweet Easter celebration! We definitely hit the jackpot here weather-wise. The weekend was so, so good. I'm disappointed it seems to be cooling down this week, but hopefully next week we'll see some higher temps!

  4. Perfect little weekend y'all had! Random but where did you get your pretty boxwood wreath on your front door?!