....I'm at a loss for what to blog about. I think between instagram and snapchat, I find myself a little self conscious about how much "talking" I'm doing about myself. I really like the whole process of blogging, I like having a scrapbook of not only pictures but of the stories that go along with them, and I like the data - like from my baby and pregnancy updates....but beyond that, I've been finding myself scratching my head a lot lately. 

....I'm freaking busier than I ever have been. Now that I've added my part time job, I now have to figure out how to add 18 hours of work to my week. And I don't really like that coming at the sacrifice of anything else (like my time with Leo, or trips to the gym, or cooking dinner, or doing baby classes, or meeting friends for lunch, etc.) but, that typically means that I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

....Leo has been melting down between 5-7pm and literally all he wants is "mommmmma, mommmy, mom". It's made for some not so pleasant dinner times and even though I try really hard to just ignore the incessant whining/clinginess, by the time he gets to bed at 7:15, I basically collapse into the couch with a migraine from it.  

....I've been ditching red wine for beer and rose. The weather is just too nice and I've been liking the refreshingness of a cold drink instead. Right now, my favorite beer is Bell's Oberon.....and, even though it's very basic - Whispering Angel for my Rose fix. My mom stocked us up with a haul from World Market if you're looking for it. 

....Getting Leo ready for his summer wardrobe (even though I am MORE than overdue for some new sandals and summer wear for myself, I can't help only shopping for him. He is just way more fun to shop for. There is nothing more I love than a little boy in overalls, so I'm stocking him up with a few different cute ones for the summer. 

....I'm obsessed with where we live. I have been telling everyone, we were really liking Chicago in February, but now that the weather has been so beautiful. I'm having a bit of a love affair. I just love having our windows open, I love our big yard, the deck off the kitchen Leo can play on while I wash the dishes, and the we can walk to my parents house in like 12 minutes. Everyone is starting to come out of their winter hiding spots, and there has just been an energetic change that I'm loving.

....much preferring coffee in a standard coffee pot. I have been hating my Keruig for months, and finally, made the permanent switch to a standard coffee maker and it is SO much better. Not only does it brew more coffee, the quality is like 10x. I would always get weak brews or have coffee grounds at the bottom of my coffee mug with the keruig, and now that I've made the switch I don't think I'll ever go back.

....I've had an itch to get to the movies, but there is never anything all that good out. I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast, but there hasn't been anything else that I've really wanted to see this entire year. I feel like the last few years have been so weak when it comes to fun, cute movies. 

....I'm obsessed with podcasts. I know.....I've talked about my favorite podcasts before, but I've started listening to a few other ones that I don't think I've mentioned. The Bitch Sesh with Casey Wilson is honestly hilarious...and I really like Something You Should Know as well. When I'm working, I like to have podcasts playing at my desk, so I've been listening to a few every single day and can't get enough.

...I'm "planning" out the rest of the 2017...and holy hell where does the time go? I think Joel and I are going to try and get back to California one more time before the year is out, and I do not want to leave Illinois in the summer, so the fall is sort of our only time to get away. We're realllly itching to spend a few days back at Terrenea, so we're going to try and figure out a way to get there in October. 

...I have been sleeping so well. Until about 5am that is. I think now that it's getting sunnier so much earlier my body is just naturally adjusting, but damn, it feels like I've lived a full day by 9:30am. 

...I'm trying to make new friends. How do you make new friends in a new neighborhood? It's hard!!!!! After being in California, I realized how much I am missing having my girlfriends. I have been taking a few baby classes with some really sweet girls, so I'm having one come to my house tomorrow for a little wine/toddler play date. It totally feels like you are dating again, and you kind of just have to put yourself out there and see if there's a connection! 

...I am gearing up for my birthday! Joel and I are going to spend the night in the city (at The Robey, which you should check out if you are in Chicago). Basically, we're filling the day with all of my favorite things, and I couldn't be more excited. Lots of coffee, shopping, happy hour with friends, a great dinner, and a night at a hotel! We will indulge in a toddler free brunch before we meet my family for a cousin lunch at my Uncle's on the way home. What could be better than that?


  1. Your birthday plans sound divine! I've been trying to make more mom friends too. It isn't always easy, but it is worth it!

  2. I love your random updates! Been there on the blogging - it seems like I have too much or too little to talk about. Your birthday sounds like it'll be amazing! Mom friends are hard to find but good to have. You aren't alone in feeling like you have no time! ahhhhh!! Barely alive these days! Fake it til you make it! :) And drink that rose you speak of!

  3. I'm with Annie--I love your random updates too!

    I'm so glad to hear that you love where you live because my boyfriend and I have been looking at houses in CL for over a year. Hoping to make some serious moves/offers this time next year, but that doesn't stop us from stalking Realtor.com every day haha.

  4. Your coffee comment is opposite of mine I think Kuerig coffee is better but we just got new one 2.0 really nice and you can make it strong or weak. Glad you are liking Illinois great move for all