Weekend Report

Another beautiful weekend in the books. We're getting spoiled over here! 

Joel was in Nashville all weekend for work and a bachelor party which left little Leo and I alone for the weekend - and I  have to say, I kind of loved it. He's at such a fun age, I didn't mind having him all to myself for the three days.

That, and I had tons of help and visitors! 

Saturday morning my cousins came out to visit and hang, so we had a little breakfast and kept the kids happy with lots of bubbles and chalk. 


My cousin back in LA, Erin, came out to Illinois for the weekend to celebrate her daughter's birthday. It was so fun having them in LA with us, and with Leo and Carter only 8 months apart, it's been really raising our babes at the same time. 
Leo misses his cousin Carter from LA, but it was like no time had passed for the two of them. Leo was holding her hand, giving her kisses, and keeping a verrry close eye on her at all times. It was absolutely precious. 


When we dropped them off at the train to go home, we met up with my Father in law and brother in law for a beer, and then had dinner at our favorite spot..yet again..Duke's. I think because I was solo-parenting I just didn't have as much free time to take pics, so I'm lacking a bit here for this post! 

Sunday morning we were up early to pick up Joel from the airport and then we headed straight to Carter's 1st birthday party! 


We had so much fun celebrating this little cutie....It's just wild to think about the day she came home from the hospital, and how much has changed since then. 

 Not only is it really fun to hang with all of my cousin's kids, and for Leo to have so many 2nd cousins, but it's really cool to see our parents turn into Grandparents.


A fun, family filled weekend that we capped off with lots of patio time, music, and windows open. I'm so excited for this summer I can't even stand it.

We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. —Thomas S. Monson #LDS:


  1. I love how much fun you guys have as a family! Yall are always up for meeting out for a beer or dinner! Love it!

  2. What a great weekend! I love Leo's sweater too, btw; it is adorable! Just like him. :) It is so awesome that you can spend so much time together with your extended family!