Bumpdate: Weeks 20-22

 If you're following along: weeks 5-12 , weeks 13-16  , weeks 17-19

How Far Along? 20w5d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: Didn't get on this week, but I'm guessing close to 8 or 9?

Maternity Clothes:  Still just jeans

Nursery: Besides the blinds, nothing, and I read my bumpdate with Leo and compared to that..I'm a little behind. I honestly don't have a clue what I'm going to do with the room, but I'm not going over the top with anything. For right now, I'm feeling like lots of blues and whites, so we'll see.

Movement: YES - and lots. You can see my stomach move up and down with hard kicks this week too.

Symptoms: Overall, not much to complain about. The afternoons still get me down but I think that's just going to be the way. I also have been having some heart flutters/palpitation feelings. Apparently it's really common since your body is pumping lots and lots of extra blood, but it sort of wigs me out. It tends to happen when I lay down on the couch or bed.

Honestly besides that, I'm enjoying the 2nd Trimester very much.

Sleep: Pretty good. A few nights a week I'm up around 2am but I try really hard to not look at my phone and will myself back to sleep and it's been working well. 

Joel: I think I've been relatively easy on him this pregnancy since this week was the first time I've asked him to rub my feet! I don't know why I waited 21 weeks but that will be changing ;)

Workouts: Still determined to rip the gym bandaid off and the plan is to go Monday (I want to go 2x/week all fall). We've walked a few miles everyday and Sunday did a 7 mile bike ride (hauling Leo which wipes me out).

Mood: Pretty good overall unless I'm tired in which case I'm a major grouch.

Cravings: Donuts this week! I indulged over the weekend with coffee and they were divine!

What I Miss: I had my girlfriends bachelorette party on Saturday and I missed having more than just a little champagne.

Random Things: Not much....I can feel my desire to start nesting and organizing starting to kick in. I have a long "Honey Do" list, and a lot of closets that I want to start working on, I just struggle lately with the motivation/energy to actually start and finish them! I have a wedding shower that I need to wrap up in two weeks, and after that, it's time to start crossing things off the list!

Best Moment of the Week:  Feeling and seeing the baby kick.

Looking Forward To: Celebrating Joel's 30th birthday this week. We are going to head to a cubs game and then have a few family parties to celebrate him entering a new decade!



How Far Along? 21w5d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: 9lbs, and I was up 9.5lbs when I was pregnant with Leo. I'm hoping to stay pretty parallel to my gain with him.

Maternity Clothes:  Still just jeans

Nursery: No, and I honestly don't have any direction that I want to go in either. I thought I found some pretty cute black out drapes on Land of Nod, but they're like $90 a panel and I need four of them so I'm trying to switch gears since we just installed wood blinds on those windows too.

Movement: YES - and lots. Joel got his hardest kick to date on his Birthday's Eve.

Symptoms: I would say very, very good week - maybe the best of the pregnancy as far as symptoms are concerned. I haven't been near as tired in the afternoons this week, those heart fluttery things seemed to have stopped or I'm not noticing them as much, and overall I have felt well. Probably the most annoying thing is my bladder which doesn't let up, but it's par for the course.

Sleep: Pretty good. I sleep soundly except that in the night since I'm sleeping on my side, I have to alternate a few times which wakes me up. I've to rearrange the body pillow that I sleep with and it's kind of a to-do.

Joel: He turned 30 this week! I think entering a new decade has been giving him a little bit of a head trip, but I've reminded him that he is a father of two!, a homeowner, someone who has seen success in business, has lived in multiple states, has traveled well, and has made many, many friends all before THIRTY! That's pretty incredible if you ask me!

Workouts: Woohoo we did it! We made it back to the gym! Both Leo and I enjoyed it, although I did not last long on the stair stepper. Now that we've ripped the bandaid, we have committed to making it to the gym twice/week. We also got in long walks, a really fast bike ride around the lake, and a half mile paddle on the lake that left my arms really sore!

Mood: Good but maybe a touch guilty over all of the indulging we've been doing lately!

Cravings: I really miss Fresh Brothers pizza from LA.

What I Miss: See above. And my sisters were having mimoas on Sunday - before I was pregnant we would spend all day day drinking mimosas - and I did miss that.

Random Things: This week was the Solar Eclipse

Best Moment of the Week:  Celebrating Joel, having a day to ourselves to go to the Cubs game, enjoy great sushi, and just be in the city without worrying about nap time or diaper changes.

Looking Forward To: Starting school this week for Leo! Leo meets his teachers this Friday!

WEEK 22 

How Far Along? 22w5d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: 11lbs

Maternity Clothes:  Still just jeans but I pulled out some of my old nursing tanks and have been wearing those as lounge tops with sweaters this week.

Nursery: No, but I went through all of Leo's clothes from the time he was born until now and made three piles; keep for baby girl, store for baby #3  (if applicable) or for my sisters/cousins/friends, and donate.

Movement: YES - and lots. Joel got to feel and watch a few "shows" this weekend and I still love taking time to just focus on the kicks.

Symptoms: Another pretty great week. My bladder is on another level, but whatever. Over the weekend, Leo couldn't find me and kept asking "Mommy is?" and first place he checked? The bathroom.

Sleep: Pretty good, and I while I try to lay down for some period of time during Leo's naps, I don't think I ever napped this week. 

Joel:  Honestly it was a pretty standard week around these parts. Joel and Leo spent a lot of time together on Saturday while I was busy hosting the shower, and Joel went to the grocery store for me on Sunday which seriously makes my week like 1,000x times easier.

Workouts: Back to the gym twice this week - and took a really fun kickboxing class with girlfriends too. Two of us our pregnant, and we are all going to try and make this Thursday class a habit, so I'm hoping that really helps me stick to it.

Mood: Good - I get a little anxious the week before doctor appointments, but I'm really trying to keep that at bay.

Cravings: Chili! I had Joel make it this week because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

What I Miss: Running outside

Random Things: I would say this week I'm really, really showing. I've been wearing a few more outfits that accentuate the bump too since it's in an actual round shape now which has been fun.

Best Moment of the Week: I had a massage at my house and it was heaven on a platter!

Looking Forward To:  Having Joel home for an extra day with Labor day coming up!


And that catches us up to speed! I'm very thankful to be at this place, feeling good and am truly enjoying the second trimester honeymoon!


  1. Love your updates! So glad you're mostly feeling well now! And you're amazing with all those workouts -- you go girl!

  2. Order samples from Land of Nod of the curtains - I fell in love with some too online and then the swatch arrived and.... no.