Baby Girl Nursery Help

When I found I was pregnant with Leo, a boy, I knew exactly how I wanted his nursery to look.

That was his nursery in LA, and his nursery here took a similar theme. 

And while his nursery here (which I have never taken pictures of!! I need to do that!) is going to see a big boy update come October, I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for baby girl's nursery. 

The few things I do know:
  •  we don't want to paint - so we're sticking with the Repose Gray that's currently in the room
  •  we're using some furniture from Leo's room (the glider and dresser)
    • The espresso-colored crib
    • A gray glider
    •  A gray dresser
  • I don't want to go overly frilly or girly and I don't want it frilly.
Other than that, I really, really, really don't know what direction to go in.

Here are a few pictures I've been drawn to on Pintrest, but beyond that, where do you start when you don't have a clue?

Beige! Magnifique! 

Fiona Collection | Serena & Lily

Nursery Tour | @MonikaHibbs + @Oilostudio — mini style 

20 Extremely Lovely Neutral Nursery Room Decor Ideas That You Will Love To See

It seems like lately I've been drawn to a lot of brushed gold details, and I do think that would be pretty with the paint color in the room, along with a really, really light pink but who knows.

I am crushing on these Land of Nod drapes, in the floor length option, but they seem a little pricey (especially since I need six)....but these are the kind of thing that I think I could do the whole room around, so I am hoping to find something similar to this to really latch on to. 

Image result for land of nod pink gingham blackout shades 

So that's my long stream of thoughts when it comes to this nursery that has seen no effort and really has no direction as of yet! 


  1. I love those drapes! Also, grey w/ blush pink and gold would pair really well with navy, which would help anchor things from getting too overtly "girly". There are some really cute fabrics out there with navy/light pink that could help tie the colors in, or a nice abstract art piece for over the crib in those colors would look great!

    1. Pops of navy is exactly what I'm thinking too

  2. I too feel in love with drapes for my daughters room that were mega expensive so what I did instead is went to the fabric store and bought nice fabric and then bought blackout curtain liner fabric and had panels made for a fraction of the cost. Worth looking into.

    1. I totally agree - and my mom is a really good seamstress so it may be the way we go!

  3. I like that last picture of the yellow/gold room. I think that would match well with Leo's furniture. I too had this same issue going from boy nursery to girl nursery. She's almost 2 and I still don't have a room for her because I couldn't make up my mind oooopps

  4. Really light pink, gold and grey will be so cute!!

  5. I've had that first picture pinned for years as well! Really love neutrals with pops of light pink! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  6. I love all of your inspiration pictures! I know you don't want to go too girly, but we painted my daughter's room a very pale pink, and I absolutely love it. In the morning light it just feels so ethereal, and it is definitely my favorite room in the house. No matter what you do though, it is going to be such a happy space!

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  8. I think the pale pink and gold would go really well with the repose gray. I love all your inspiration pictures, they're all gorgeous!! I sort of say go for it with the pink, but maybe thats because my life is all blue and green and gray and brown now ;)