Bumpdates: weeks 17-19

If you're following along: weeks 5-12 , weeks 13-16  


How Far Along? 17w5d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: +5

Maternity Clothes:  Yep. It had to happen. I've worn both of my maternity pants from Leo and then I bought a pair of jean shorts with a stretch waistband that I'm hoping can get me through the summer.

Nursery: We ordered wooden blinds

Movement: YES! A little more with each passing day but not as many distinct kicks as I remember with Leo. This baby I feel the pressure as she moves from side to side.

Symptoms: Overall its been a great week again. I think this is probably the honeymoon phase. I'm still tired in the afternoons and I like to try and get some time to rest for at least a half an hour and get off of my feet.

Sleep: Sleep has been great overall. My best nights sleep is with half a unisom, and I really don't like to stay up past 10pm, but otherwise, I'm sleeping well and I've been nap free all week. I've also been able to stomach a cup of coffee in the afternoon and that has really, REALLY helped.

Joel: I called him upstairs one night this week because I was just positive he would be able to see my belly moving. I couldn't tell if I could see it because I could feel it (if that makes any sense), but we both weren't sure if it was the baby moving things or my breath or what, so the whale watching (as I refer to it) continues.

Workouts: We took a 7 mile bike ride on Sunday which was tough but felt good. Leo and I have gotten in a lot of walks but I do want to make it back to the gym soon on a more regular basis. I'm staying away because the daycare center is SO packed in the summer with all of the kids out of school and I just don't love that (1st time mom problems, I know!).

Mood: Pretty good with shorter patience and a not so great tendency to flip like a crazy person on Joel, so I'm trying to watch that!

Cravings: The twizzler thing is still going strong this week and we've had ice cream from The Freeze twice this week alone!

What I Miss: I missed being drunk at my sisters birthday party. Being the only sober person at a bar is really not that fun or funny.

Random Things: We told Leo the baby's name and have started having him call the baby, "Baby ____".

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling the baby move and feeling good.

Looking Forward To: I am anxious for the 20 week ultrasound and ready to do it. Less than 2 weeks to go.



How Far Along? 19weeks as I write this

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: +7

Maternity Clothes:  Yes, although only pants. I really don't like maternity tops and only have a handful from when I was pregnant with Leo. We'll see what I need to get as my bump gets bigger but I'm hoping long sweaters will really help with the season I'm the biggest in.

Also, Target recently released a maternity line for Isabel and Ingrid and my target store had a preview last week of a few of the styles. I tried a few of the jeans on to get an idea of sizing (they run tts) and then went online when they launched their entire collection and put in an order. I'm obsessed with them and like them better than some of my regular jeans. I also ordered a pair of black jeggings that I have a feeling I'm going to live in.

Nursery: We ordered wooden blinds last week, they're here and I'm hoping Joel can't put them up tonight with little problem.... ..... ..... .... .... keep your fingers crossed ;)

Movement: YES! And some kicks are getting stronger. I have felt a handful from the outside, although they're a little too quick and random for Joel to have caught any just yet. Yesterday I even felt the baby moving while I was sitting in the car which was fun.

Symptoms: Leo and I both have a cold this week so that is never fun when you can't take DayQuil. I have been able to take sudafed and that has been helpful. Unfortunately this week we lost my Uncle Kelly and had to grieve his loss and attended his funeral services. We were on our feet at the wake for upwards of 6 or 7 hours, and finally I could tell my body was giving out. I was getting crampy, my feet started to feel swollen, and I just knew I had pushed it a bit much.

Sleep: I haven't gotten as much as I need due to circumstances listed above, but when I'm sleeping, I'm sleeping hard.

Joel: He was great and kept a close eye on me this week as it was a very difficult time for my family. At the wake, he made sure I was drinking enough water and taking breaks to sit down, and has really helped around the house and with dinners and Leo since I've been needed elsewhere this week.

Workouts:  I've taken some light walks when I've gotten the chance but this has probably been the lightest week in months.

Mood: It's not been a great week

Cravings: Honestly, the only thing I've really needed this week is coffee and cold water.

What I Miss: Ohhhh I really missed drinking this week, although it probably was a blessing in disguise. 

Random Things: Very little brings good to a sad situation, but one thing that does? Babies. Leo and this baby in my belly have brought so much joy and happiness to our family this week. I know that this baby will be coming at a time (the holidays) when we need something good to look forward to most, and I'm so thankful for that. Life is precious, and we were reminded of that this week in a harsh way.

Best Moment of the Week: Coming together to witness the power of family and friends.

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound on Monday morning. I am anxious for it but trying to tap into areas of strength and positivity so that I don't let worry and anxiety win.


How Far Along? 19w6d

Gender: GIRL

Weight Gain: +5 at the doc

Maternity Clothes:  Yes and loving the Isabel and Ingrid line of pants at target

Nursery: The blinds in the nursery and guest room our up c/o of Joel! And, while he wouldn't let me watch, I don't think they were all that bad to install.

Movement: YES - and tons! I feel it all through the day, and now feel it sitting and standing. I love it. 

Symptoms: A good week but Leo and I both got colds. I was able to take a Sudafed which really helped. Also, not while taking Sudafed, but the last few days I've felt like my heart skips a beat or gives me a little palpitation. I don't love the feeling, but know it's very common during pregnancy so I'm trying not to be too anxious about it and keeping my fingers crossed it stops.

Sleep: Tried to do a lot of catching up from last week which has felt good.

Joel: He caught two distinct kicks which was pretty fun. He's been great about taking on full Leo duty when he gets home so I can sort of check out and rest while the wild boys play.

Workouts: I'm bound and determined to get back to the gym a little more frequently in the next week or so. I still walk a few miles everyday but I really do miss the gym.

Mood: Pretty good overall

Cravings: twizzlers, rootbeer, and the ol' faithful....bagels.

What I Miss: This week, nothing really.

Random Things: We announced our pregnancy on social media and that was so much fun. We took a bunch of pictures and just felt totally spoiled with love and excitement over the news of adding to our family.

Best Moment of the Week: An amazing, perfect, normal 20 week anatomy scan. Joel was able to come with me, Thank God, because I was an anxious mess. I don't think I was breathing normal until we left the doctors office, but it all turned out great.

We were taken back into the ultrasound with the doctor who did our 8 week scan and whom Joel and I both really liked. She had a great, calm energy and instantly put me at ease.

We started with an internal exam to ensure that everything looked good with my cervix, and then we moved inch by inch through the baby. Everything checked out perfectly and we were so, so thankful.

The ultrasound doctor also does high risk ultrasounds, and wanted just a few additional images of the babies heart. She asked me to wiggle around and drink some water. It sort of made me panic that maybe she saw something but assured me that Standard of Care showed that our babes heart was perfect (in 98% of cases) but she just wanted a few additional views to triple check. Thankfully, baby cooperated from my wiggles, gave us the position we needed and the doctor was extra pleased.

We got tons of pictures - none super clear of the babies face because she was facing inward - but she was head down, moving tons, and showed us her big lips (just like her brother!). We also got a few pictures of her in the happy baby position with her hands holding her feet.

Afterward, we met with the doctor, went through the report which reflected great things, and were sent on our way until our 24 week appointment.

We couldn't have been happier or more thankful.

Looking Forward To: 4 normal weeks. I want to bask in this relief from the ultrasound, enjoy feeling the baby kick, and just soak up the last 4 weeks of summer.


  1. The relief of the anatomy scan - soooo glad she is healthy and perfect!

  2. Love these updates! 100% recommend you getting the full panel Ingrid & Isabel yoga pants. I WORE THEM DAILY. They were the fucking best.