Pregnant, again!?!

 I wrote a letter to myself the day I found out I was pregnant with Leo (here) and I wanted to do the same with this pregnancy. 

April 25th already feels like a long time ago, and I am so thankful that we are 20 weeks along into this pregnancy and that everything is looking great.


Holy. Moly.

Didn't we just do this? I can't believe I'm writing this post, because honestly, I remember writing the post with Leo, now, two years ago. Crazy how time flies, feels like yesterday, and also, a lifetime ago.

The day I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 was April 25th, 2017. I'm writing this on April 25th....and I've been processing the information that we're having another baby for the last 5 hours.

So many emotions, and now this time, so many comparisons......but I'm feeling so much more at peace with the news that we're growing a baby than I did the first time around.

And in such a Baby #2 way.....when I woke up in the morning, I told your dad while he was getting dressed that I was pretty sure I was pregnant. I tried to take a pregnancy test that I had saved from the box that I used when I took the test for Leo, but for whatever reason, it didn't work and came up as "error".

Joel left for work, Leo and I went to the gym, and when I couldn't shake the feeling that I was freaking pregnant, we went to Target and got a new test. I don't even think I had taken my coat off before ripping the thing open, and seconds later seeing two lines.

I called Joel at work, and basically told him to step outside. We laughed, couldn't believe it, and then went on with our day.

Your dad came home with an orchid for me, and we decided to celebrate with a little trip to The Freeze (a local ice cream shop) that had just opened for the summer season.

It turned out to be the perfect way to celebrate the news that our family was going to go from 3 to 4!

This pregnancy actually came as a surprise to us. We were going to start trying next month....but, clearly, that was meant to be, and so here we are.

We're in a really good place in life, Leo is a happy 19 month old, we have a house with a bedroom waiting to be filled by another little baby, and, things have fallen as they will, so here we are! Our family is growing, and that thought makes me giddy.

According to WebMd my due date is the end of December (sorry baby!). I'll have a repeat C, and if I go to 39 weeks (I had Leo at 37), that would land us at 12/21, but as I learned, due dates can be fleeting so I'm not overthinking it...especially on day 1!

I wanted to write down my streaming thoughts, mainly because I did that with Leo, and I have loved re-reading them this go around, so I'm hoping to keep up with a similar schedule for BABY #2. 

Holy Cow.

Baby #2.....here we go!


  1. Such a sweet note! I'm so happy and excited for you!!💗

  2. Oh I just love this so much! So many smiles and so much happy for your sweet little family! You are basically my first go-to Google when I have questions about my Charlotte (your bumpdates and newborn recaps made me feel so much more "This is normal and I'm not alone!"), so I can't wait to follow along with your sweet baby girl! Congratulations again!

  3. So excited!!! Can't wait to read more about this sweet pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations!! What a sweet idea - wish I'd done this when I found out I was pregnant with my babies...such a perfect way to capture exactly what you were doing/feeling in the moment you found out. Cannot wait to read more about your sweet babies!

  5. Congratulations, girlfriend! Fun fact - pregnancy tests can expire. I learned it the hard way. Very excited for you!

  6. Congratulations! What a beautiful idea to write a letter on the days you found out you were pregnant! My birthday is December 31st. I mostly liked having it then (I was always off for Christmas vacation during my birthday). The only thing I didn't like was that my brother & sister (who are 13 & 10 years older than me) were not around as much when I got older (like starting in 2nd grade) because they were either with their friends or working. I remembered one year my mom and dad took me into the city to see the Rockefeller Christmas Spectacular on my birthday and sister surprised me and came with us out to dinner after the show.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/