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First of all - thank you so much for all of the sweet emails and comments in regards to our new addition! I think putting our news on social media made it that much more real, and it has been a fun week sharing in the excitement with all of you. 

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At a local theater here, they have "Summer Wednesday" kids movies where tickets are $1 and they have games and characters before the show. A few new mom friends and I have been talking about getting to the movies for weeks, and finally, when we realized that this past Wednesday was the last option for summer, we went for it. All of our kids are 18months-3years and for the most part, they all lasted 1 hour. As soon as the majority started to break out in wiggles and just couldn't sit still anymore, we packed up a left. A nice perk for a $1 movie!

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This past weekend I had a mini-college reunion (we started living together 10 years ago!). All of my college roomies came in from Chicago, Iowa, and Denver and spent the weekend together. I had to sit out of Friday's activities, but they all came to our house on Saturday and we had the absolute best time.

We started the day with lunch at Duke's, and then we packed a cooler full of drinks and snacks, and made our way to the beach to spend the entire afternoon. Leo was in Heaven, we took the paddle boards out, listened to country music, and just had the best time.

We ordered pizzas, tried to sit at the fire pit before we were attacked by mosquitoes, and then played a game before we went to bed before 11pm. Things sure have changed in the last ten years, but we picked up like nothing had, and honestly had the best time ever.

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Do you follow House of Harper? I really don't like huge, professional blogs, but I follow this cutie on Instagram and think she is just darling. She has a great sense of style, both in fashion and decor, two darling boys, and did a really cute Instagram Live video that had me hooked (even over RHONY!).

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 I am in desperate need of a new summer read. Any recommendations? I like summer reads to be pretty easy and fun - but please share if you have any goodies!

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  1. I got sucked into House of Harper's live video too! She and Liz Adams are really the only big blogs I read. All the others are meh. I just started reading It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and so far it's great! Have a good weekend!