Five on Friday - and a giveaway!

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When I was pregnant, especially the last month or two, I was obsessed with taking baths. Easily I was taking one a day - so I was so excited when this bathtub caddy was under my Christmas tree. It's made taking a glass of wine and magazine upstairs feel like a damn trip to the spa! I've loved it! 

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 We have decided to buy a treadmill, and I need some suggestions. Do you have one that you love? Joel is a pretty serious runner so he has some requirements that I would've never really thought/cared about, but I'd love to know if you have one that is somewhat affordable that you would recommend. Bonus points if it can get here soon and be set up for us! 

The being stuck inside with kids/no gym is killing both Joel and I so we are SO excited to find the right machine and get it here sooner than later. 

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Ok, while we are on the topic of advice, anyone got napping tips for me? Leo is all but dropping his nap and I just cannnnnnnnot allow that to happen. He will maybe nap 2-3 times a week but the conditions have to be perfect (extra dark, busy/active morning, etc.). He's happy in his crib, he doesn't yell or cry, but he just plays and jumps and walks around in it the entire time. Any thoughts????
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 We will be home this weekend. I think we have a few cousins that are going to come out to meet the baby, but otherwise, we're still hanging at home most of the time and just laying low. I'm hoping the weather allows for a walk or two because we need some fresh freaking air around here!

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If you would like to win one of these adorable baby girl bows from Kenzie Baby Bows - entering is super easy. 

1. Make sure you are following this blog
2. Visit the Kenzie Baby Bows here and leave a comment with which bow color you would select if you won

Winner will be announced Monday! 


  1. Drew is so cute! Hopefully the nap thing is just a phase that Leo is going through and he'll be back to normal in a week or two!

  2. My twin looking so beautiful in her adorable bows!!!!! I'm obsessed.

  3. Good luck with the napping situation. He's way too little to drop nap, right?!???

    Love all these boys. Esp. the red and pink and the orange and black for Halloween!

    Our baby girl arrives in JUNE! Send me all your girl tips! ;)

  4. I love the bows with the polka dots!!

    We just bought a treadmill from costco, I think it’s proform (proforma?) brand. My husband did a ton of research and this was the best deal, he did have to assemble though. Costco might offer assembly?

  5. I love the pink bow! What a great accessory for a little girl! I would definitely gift that to my niece!

    Treadmill is a great idea. I have been toying with buying one for our basement too! Would love to hear how you stick to workout routines once you get it!

  6. Aww these bows are so cute! I love the pink ones! I hope Leo starts napping better. We are going through a bit of sleep regression of our own, so I totally feel ya!

  7. Love the valentine red & pink ones!

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  9. I would love the valentine red white and pink ones! I don't have a girl yet but I have a pretty cute niece who would look adorable in them!