New Year Improvements

 My goal in 2018 is to be filthy rich.

I'm so excited for this year to unfold. 2017 was beyond eventful for us.  We started it off with a bang packing up our apartment in Los Angeles in January to move into our first home in the Chicago suburbs.

Then, just three months into our move, we found out we were pregnant! It was a whirlwind year and I had my focus on my pregnancy and delivery and Leo, Joel started a new job, and everything else took a major back seat.

This year, I'm ready to focus back on a lot of the things I put on the back burner: our house, our relationship, adventures, and my bod. 

The house

When you look at the house we moved into just about exactly a year ago today - a lot has changed. We have made some significant improvements that have made a huge difference. I love my house. I love pulling up to it and I love living in it, we've made it a home and we're really, really happy here.  As the months have passed, we've filled the house with more furniture, more touches that make it home, and have gotten sort of organized as we've gone. But, there's still a long list of things I'd like to improve.

The list is actually a little too long (and intimidating) to really focus on, so I'm going to focus on the few things that I want to do sooner than later. 

First major project we've got to get done is changing out the door handles and hinges. It's a total DIY job, but one that I just keep putting off, but it's getting done Q1! Force me! 

Other things that need to happen this year- prints/gallery wall for the dining room and kids bathrooms, guest room needs new bedding, and our bedroom needs some serious attention. We also need to really figure out our basement and deck. Ok, already starting to feel overwhelmed......moving on!

Earth tones in the bedroom.

Our relationship
I really want to have fun with Joel this year. I want to go out on fun dates, mix things up a little, and just enjoy ourselves a bit more. Last year was big, and eventful, and amazing, but it was stressful and took a lot out of both of us and this year, I want to lighten it up a little and get out of the routine a bit more. 

This could also apply to parenting

We are young and we need to spice it up a little - get a little drunker, kiss a little more, stay out a little later, get out of our routine a little more often.

This is rich coming from a new mom of two who can barely get everyone loaded into the car to the drive-thru Starbucks BUT once I figure that stuff out, I want to make sure that we make rich memories this year. I want to take a few weekend trips, a family vacation, do fun things with friends and family, and take advantage of everything our area offers.

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life-to be happy- it's all that matters" - Audrey Hepburn

My Bod
Also rich since I can't really exercise right now, or even fathom how I ever will find the time to again, but in the coming months I really want to get my body back. I want to clean up my eating, shrink my portions, and really get into a great exercise groove. I miss running and want to get back to being able to easily run 4-5 miles. I was loving kickboxing while I was pregnant so I really hope I can get back to the gym after a while and kick it into high gear. I'd love to feel stronger and see some actual muscles again.

I'm exhausted just writing this list - but here's hoping I can take a stab at each area. You gotta start somewhere! 

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P.S. This list is also somewhat hilarious because I'm pretty sure every expert....ever.... has said you need to have specific and measurable in order to see any type of improvement, but we're going with a very tired stream of thoughts and I'm hoping that's better than nothing!

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  1. Love this list and think this all sound really attainable!! Kyle changed our door handles and he can't do anything handy so you guys can definitely do it! I actually think adventures will be easier this year when Drew is still an infant and no mobile- two mobile toddlers is a game changer so make the most of this year to get away and travel while she's still really portable.