The best part of the season

“Giving always opens the way for receiving.”

Since I was a little girl, my mom has taught us to live by the idea that to whom much is given; much is required.

As a very blessed, fortunate, and lucky young woman, it is important to give to others who are in need.

I have the resources, the ability, and the duty to give to those who are less fortunate than I am. And I plan to do so, for the rest of my life.

This year, I will be Santa Claus to a little girl in a very rough area of Chicago. The company I work for is teaming up with a non-profit group to provide Christmas presents to children in need.

Today at work we got to pick out a child whose needs fit our budget. Some of the older children are hoping for bicycles, computers, or Ipods, which I do not have the funds to provide for them. I was touched today when three of my bosses decided that together they would gift a child in need with a new bike.

Here is the "Gift Card" I received on my little princess:

I cannot wait to find some goodies for Carrie. Most of the children are cared for by single mothers who have a high school degree or less of education and are far below the poverty level. With Joel, we hope to provide Carrie with a very special Christmas package including everything that she wants, and maybe some needed extra's like some socks and mittens, and maybe a few extra toys.

This is a great tradition that I hope we can continue for years to come.

I also hope to truly allow this experience to teach me exactly what is important about this holiday season.

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