Cyber Monday

If I have a moment of weakness today, here is what I will be indulging in:

Tory Burch Reva's in tan
Jcrew's sequin skirt (which is currently sold out)
Gap's cashmere cardigan
...the only item that I actually feel like I "need" are the TB reva's. I have one pair, the black/gold, and I wear them almost everyday. I hate wearing heels to work and they are a great substitution. I bought mine in September but since I commute to work in them they are getting really worn down. I hope to get a full years worth but if I don't get new Reva's today (which, I really, really shouldn't), they will be a 2011 purchase for sure.

and here were some of my favorite outfits last week

Hope your Monday back to work flies by!

and also....


we love you so much.


  1. Loved your pics for Cyber Monday. I actually just bought myself a new pair of Revas for my birthday. And actually, if you are on Tory's mailing list...if you can make it to your birthday month, I believe they send you a $50 ecoupon for your birthday month that you could use towards them:)

  2. Ahhh! Thank you for that heads up. I'm going to check over at ToryBurch.com and figure out how to get on that list.

    Which colors did you get?