Micellany Monday

1. I finally got to talk to my best friend Claire for the first time in weeks. Claire is living in Italy and with the time change, its been so hard to sit down and catch up. When she is on this side of the Atlantic, we talk everyday, but with her abroad I'm lucky to get to talk to her once a week. I don't want to rush her time in Italy but I am really ready for her to get back here.

2. I'm attempting a craft. A big craft. And, I'm not a craft person (even though I really want to be).
I'll do a whole post on it when it's all done but tonight was step one.

3. I'm hungrily awaiting for my chili to finish up.

4. Today is day 1 [retail] shopping freeze until Black Friday. I will be making one exception for my mom's birthday present but other than that everything is off limits for the next week.

5. Work was beyond, beyond slow today, which makes for a very long day.

6. I'm ready to bring out the Christmas decorations but that too is going to wait until after Thanksgiving.

7. My cousin Amanda and best friend Sara just found out that their application for an apartment here in Chicago was accepted and are set to move in January. I'm so excited for two of my best friends to soon become best friends themselves.

8. I am so happy that I am working in the corporate world but I miss kids so much my heart actually aches when I think about it. I love their spunk, freshness, and outlook. My office would be the most perfect place on earth if a batch of kids came in everyday for an hour or two to hang out with me.

9. Joel and I are going to see Joshua Radin next Wednesday!!
YouTube him. He's amazing.

10. I miss Bethenny Frankel and I can't wait for Season 2 of her show


  1. Okay, you and I are so much on the same page it is ridiculous! Maybe you and I should become best friends while Claire is in Italy ;-)
    1) Claire is immensely hard to get a hold of and I too cannot wait until she is within texting range.
    2) I just made Chilli last week, it is the perfect November food isn't it?
    3)This weekend I put on Christmas music for about 10 minutes and envisioned where all of my decorations are going to go. I agree, the decorations are off limits until the day after Thanksgiving.
    4) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bethenny Frankel's show, I cannot wait for her 2nd Season. She is honestly HILARIOUS!

    Hope you are doing well Tess! :-)

  2. Hi Annie! I always think of you. And I am obsessed with Wine and Design.

    I can't wait to see the pictures of your Christmas decorations. I still need to get a few things like some garland, but I am just so excited! Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't post on your blog before then ;)