Turkey Break

It's 9:30pm right now on Saturday night and I'm laying on the couch, catching up on my dvr shows, having some thai food, and relaxing from my whirlwind weekend - but what a good weekend it was!

On Thanksgiving morning Joel and I woke up and headed out for our 8k Turkey Trot

This was my 5th annual Turkey Trot and was the warmest race day in the last 5 years. When I say warmest, by the way, I mean 35 degrees.

Both of us had pretty good runs - Joel finished in 32 minutes, and I finished in 55 . I paced just over 11 minute miles but the track was covered in puddles and so I spent a lot of time dodging them. Plus, with 7,000 participants there were a lot of times where the crowd got clogged up and slowed my pace down. To be honest, I don't really care...I never stopped and that was my goal!

After we finished we hurried home to head to get ready for our Thanksgiving dinner hosted at my cousin Nick's house here in the city. I volunteered to bring desserts (which is no small feat, since we had dinner for 35) so I brought 3 dozen of my pumpkin cupcakes and made a chocolate trifle. The trifle was a huge hit and can actually be modified for a pretty low-cal dessert option. The layers are [homemade] chocolate sheet cake, chocolate pudding, strawberries, and cool whip.

After our wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, I went back home with my parents to spend some time with the family. It was great to relax, hang out at home, and see Haley.

We took a nice walk and we were both pretty wiped out afterward.

Saturday my mom took us girls to The Lion King to celebrate her birthday. I normally get quite bored and anxious at Broadway plays but this show kept my attention 95% of the time. The animals and set are crazy cool....I would really recommend catching this play if you get a chance.
It was a great weekend but I'm thrilled it be at my own house taking a slow night.

Tomorrow, Joel and I are decking out the apartment for Christmas and shopping for Carrie, the little girl we adopted for the Holidays.

It's felt like a nice, long break from work and I am very thankful for that.


  1. Your dog is adorable! What kind is she?

  2. Thank you!! She is a cockapoo. She is a bit of crazy thing but seriously the sweetest dog I've ever known!

    I did a little creeping on your blog, which is so cute, and I went to Iowa too actually! Can you believe what a sad season we had? There's always next year! What year did you graduate?