Time Out

Happy Monday!

I actually don't mind Monday's....It's the Tuesday's that I dread. The week still seems so long ahead of you on Tuesday, and since I was little I deemed it my least favorite day.

Can I please tell you who is in big, big, BIG, trouble with me?

Yea. That's right. They're on my naughty list.

Why do you ask?

For Christmas, my sister Hannah, gave me this adorable ring.

It's not something I would usually wear but I loved it. It adds a fun "pop"

Well, it turned my entire finger green.

Okay, thats a teensy bit dramatic - but it turned a quarter of my finger dark, dark green.

I ended up returning the ring, showing them the damage, and moving myself right along to the shoe section...in search of some nice, black flats.

Love these shoes! They're super cute, seemed like good walking shoes, and could easily be dressed up for work. Perfect! Check, please!

Yea....not so much.

[Disclaimer: My total commute distance is about 5-6 blocks]

The next day, I take the babies out of the box and head on my merry way to work.

By the time I got to my office, my feet were GUSHING blood. The shoes hit me at a really bad spot on my ankle and dug at me all.day.long.

I stopped at CVS early in the morning to get the thickest, biggest band aids I could find and the shoes still murdered my feet.

Let's just say, I had to tip toe my way home.


So, the next day, I walked into Coach and basically threw the shoes at the sale girl.

(.....Not true - she didn't make the shoes, but, I sure as hell hope the person who did make the shoes, is sentenced to wearing those shoes for at least a week - because that would be punishment enough.)

Mind you, this happened last week, and I still cannot wear normal shoes because it feels like my Achilles tendon is basically showing through. The damn shoes ripped off like 6 layers of my skin.

I now have a hundred dollar credit to Coach, but I'm still seething so I can't use it yet.

HOWEVER, when I get over my anger, I'm thinking about stocking up on these pretties....

They look safe enough, right???


  1. Ugh. What a pain. I hate HATE when new shoes do that. But at least they took them back right? And I think your new picks are a safe bet:)

  2. Aww I'm sorry about the shoes and ring, that stinks! I definitely like that colorful little bag though...