What's in my Bag

The Dishy Decorator's had a great post on what she keeps in her purse and wanted to recreate it over here. I always love when InStyle features celebrities bags so leave me a comment if you decide to do the same at your blog, because I would love to come check it out!

Tory Burch purse

Here is my go-to lip stuff (from left to right)
Neutragena: This stuff is STICKY! It smells so yummy but boys do not like.
Benefit: This is my color. It's called "dancing queen" and it's the perfect pink for a night out
Burts Bees: Lip repair in a bottle. Minty fresh.
Kiehl's balm: This is like vaseline style but my lips are addicted!
Never leave the house (here in Chi-Town) without gloves.
you never know....
This is my favorite item in my purse. I could be a Nook saleswoman. I swear by this thing!
This is the emergency kit for me: food and advil

And that's my bag!

I have a new US weekly and with the Real Housewives of BH finale, I think tonight's going to be a great night!


  1. Oh, I'm going to have to start thinking about putting some bars in my purse too!! Thats a good idea.

  2. I live in Chi too and have the SAME gloves!