We had a wild and crazy NYE, let me tell you...

The day started off with a huge grocery store trip. We loaded up our cart with almost $300 dollars worth of grub and booze.

The check out lady and bag boy were making this huge scene about how fun our party was going to be, how much they wished they were coming, etc.

Joel and I just smiled and promised them we'd have a ton of fun at our party....

Our party that had 2 names on the guest list.

I ended up planning a lot of activities throughout the night so that we wouldn't get bored and it turned out to be a hit.

I fancied up the table too, just to make the night feel special.

We started with a cheese plate and I made a champagne cocktail (champagne, ginger ale, and a can of maraschino cheeries)

Joel made my favorite salmon dip, which is to die for, and that was it for our appetizers.

During our "cocktail hour" , as I kept calling it, we wrote out conversation starters for our entree dinner time. I had gotten the idea from seeing a family conversation starter box that you keep on your kitchen table, and thought it would spice up our dinner time. We each did 3 and had things like, "what would your ideal vacation look like..."

Joel is a very good sport and always plays along with me.

For our dinner, Joel made marlin with a thai marinade. It was delish. I'm not sure we could have had a better dinner, even if we would have gone out to a nice restaurant.

After dinner we did a beer tasting. At our grocery store you can build your own 6 pack that features crazy different beers from small breweries all over the place.

We also wrote letter to each other to open up next year on new years. Last year, in 2010, I opened up a letter that I had wrote myself in 2000, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever done. To read what I had wrote when I was an 11 year old was quite an experience.... I had told myself that I would be dating the love of my life.....

We had also stopped at Barnes and Noble on our way home from the grocery store to pick out a game. I'm obsessed with board games and we ended up finding one that was really fun. It's called Last Word and it's a face paced word game, similar to Scattegories. The nice thing about the game is that it was fun with just 2 players, but you could easily add 6 more people and still have a good time playing it.

I made some fondue for dessert and after the game we watched the ball drop in NYC.

We even stayed up until 12:45!

Even though we go a lot of flack for staying home, I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else.


  1. So cute..I love all your ideas and cute little details. I might copy a couple for next year.

  2. Looks like an amazing New Years to me!! Happy 2011

  3. Thanks ladies! It was a fun night - and I hope each of you had a great NYE too.