• I am loving that I got my butt to the gym three days in a row. Now I only need to get in one more workout for the week!
  • I am loving that my tickets are booked for our family trip to Spain! I will be taking off 8 days of work, but it will be so worth it.
  • I am loving that work is getting a little less scary each day
  • I am loving cookies'n'cream frozen yogurt
  • I am loving that January is almost outta here!
  • I am loving my low key weekend we have planned. It's about time.
  • I am loving that I have been getting into bed before 10 this entire week.
  • I am loving that we got Valentine's day reservations at Art Smith's restaurant Table 52 - this is a favorite of Mr. and Mrs. Obama
  • I am loving that the week is almost over! Gotta love Wednesday's.
  • and most of all this week I am LOVING my sister's safety and happiness in Spain. She deserves these next 4 months to be the best of her life.

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  1. Spain sounds awesome and that is the cutest restaurant! I will have to look that one up. My 5 year old is reading this with me and asked if it was at the White House. I'm guessing it's in Chicago. I looked up your profile.