birthday gift guide

With 7, count um', 7 birthdays coming up before Christmas, I need a little help deciding what the perfect birthday present is, and I figured you may need some too...'tis the gift giving season, no?

Here are a few rules of my what not  never to get your girlfriends for their birthday:

1. House decor (besides candles): I do not want to be forced to display whatever you gave me. Plus, there really isn't anything for under $30 dollars that I necessarily want to use to decorate my house. Unless you can find a 100% cashmere throw in a neutral color, take my advice.

2. Gift Cards: Save these for your 15 your old male cousin whose name you randomly picked in your family's Secret Santa 

3. Perfume: Two reasons here. 1st, it sends the wrong message. 2nd. Perfume should be given by men.

Okay, now on to how to decide what to gift.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Gifts should indulge the recipients guiltiest pleasure

2. Gifts should serve a specific purpose.

3. Gifts should be thoughtful

If you can accomplish those 3 non-negotiable's, you will be in good shape. 

From this point, give yourself 2 weeks and a category to choose from (see below). 

For example, I know that my best friend looks amazing in gold, statement earrings (purposeful), she'll never shell out more than +50 bucks for an amazing pair even though she'll spend weeks talking about them (guilty pleasure), and I know she has a few dates coming up so I want to make sure I can find her a versatile pair (thoughtful).

Okay, well, now you have to let inspiration and time work their magic. Make sure you are signed up for all of the discount designer groups (Rue La La, Gilt, etc.) and scour, scour, scour.

If your lucky, Kendra Scott will pop up on your email and you'll be able to shower your best girlfriend with one of these darling baubles.

Most of the time, my gifts come from one of the following categories.

Coasters: Etsy, Cups & Popcorn bowl: Crate & Barrell

#1 & #2 came from Etsy, #3 is LL.Bean

I hereby promise that if you use these simple tricks when giving gifts none of your girlfriends will ever complain.

p.s. You can find this same post over at Total Basset Case. Head over there and say hi to Sarah for me!


  1. Kendra Scott is by far my favorite right now! Every woman in my family is getting a piece of her jewelry for Christmas this year. Fabulous ideas!

  2. I love this post-such great suggestions! I love it when friends buy me something I wouldn't normally gift myself! I agree about perfumes and home decor-too personal. I would add body lotions and make-up under the not category too-I never use any extra things people give me!