i swoon

I was showing my mom my boards on Pintrest and she asked me if I had pinned all of my decor inspirations in the same day?

I hadn't, I've been building the folder for months. She said, isn't it funny how you are drawn to the same type of styles....without even knowing it?

She picked up on a lot of subtleties in my inspiration images, that I never had.

There is a lot of continuity in what I like which I think is good.

Have you noticed that a lot of your images is in your inspiration folders look similar?

Clearly I know what I like - texture, warmth, layering, neutral colors, patterns, and straight lines.

Since I know I am drawn to those design basics it's easier to add elements to my own house to elevate the design in my own house. Kind of like my post yesterday, I don't want Pintrest to only inspire me in my online life...I want it to have in impact in reality! 

One day...right?

p.s. check out all of my boards on Pintrest here.


  1. those are some pretty images there! pinterest is great like that. I definitely find that it helps fine-tune my tastes. even though I've pinned hundreds of different images, they all start to form "my style." If only "one day" would get here already!

  2. P.S you should link back to pinterest so I can follow your boards!

  3. Great point! Thanks Shannon...I'm going to make that change now.

  4. I like them all..a lot. My whole house is neutral. I act like I am stepping out of my comfort zone when we paint something dark khaki, instead of just regular khaki.

  5. You and I have definitely have similar decorating tastes. All of my inspirations are definitely a lot alike.