Tyrrell's do Kentucky

After a super short flight, we landed in Louisville and headed right in the car for a one hour drive to Lexington.

The color of the trees in Kentucky are absolutely beautiful so the drive was so scenic and lovely, and made me feel happy to be visiting in October.
I do not miss dorm bathrooms.

Once we picked up Nellie (who was a little overwhelmed with the pressure) she took us around her seriously gorgeous campus and to her sorority house, Delta Gamma.

Nellie literally knows everyone on campus. No matter where we were walking, or driving, people were waving, honking, yelling, all just to say hi to this cute little yankee.

We dropped my dad off at the hotel so us girls could do some shopping.

Look how sweet this memorial was at the Apple store.

I picked up a few treats from J.Crew and we headed back to our hotel to freshen up for dinner.

For dinner we went to this amazing restaurant in downtown Lexington called Portofino. We had a few bottles of wine, a good amount of tears, a few shouting matches, and really good food.

Families are not perfect, and mine most definitely is not. We typically put so much pressure on each other and vacations to be absolutely perfect that emotions boil over and someone typically ends up crying.

We hashed it all out before breakfast Saturday morning and everybody was back to good spirits. No one was willing to let a spat ruin a weekend where the 5 of us were together, so I think we made up for it by and large with a great day on Saturday.

Deets on that to come tomorrow.


  1. The restaurant looks awesome, and you and your sisters are too cute. Wish I lived in that sorority house. Fun!

  2. What a fun weekend! That stinks about the fight but I'm glad you guys worked everything out. And you look so pretty in that picture from the restaurant!!

  3. looks like such a wonderful weekend! I think families always end up fighting during vacations-it's inevitable!

  4. Your family is so gorgeous!! And fighting... is there any family that doesn't fight on vacation??