mid-week update

  • I'm hosting my 1st ever book club meeting. I'm expecting about 15 girls, which is actually a lot for my 1,000 sq ft. apartment. I'm hoping everyone can sit, and be comfortable.
  • All of the girls are bringing something to share, so that took a lot of the work off of me. I did have to spend the last 2 nights cleaning, getting ready, and doing a few crafts. Thankfully I love doing that! I'll have a full post on the book club in the coming days.
  • Work has been good this week. Work is a very hot/cold topic in my life. Some days I'm ready to throw in the towel, and other days I find myself fulfilled and content. It's a constant battle but this week I've stayed positive and happy.
  • Joel and I are escaping the city for Halloween. We are going to head home to the suburbs to hang out with our families. Saturday is my families annual apple pie baking day. My pie from last year is still sitting in my freezer.
  • How did a year pass that quickly?
  • I'm currently writing this at work, and no joke, my boss just came up behind my desk. I really hope he has no idea what I was doing and did not catch the title of my blog. I think I'm going to take that as a hint and log off.

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