I am loving that next weekend is Thanksgiving - and I love that this is the time of year that you really take stock in what you are thankful for.

I am loving the reciepes I found for some Thanksgiving treats. And again, I love you Pintrest.

I am loving this creamer. It makes me feel like I'm that woman in a Foldger's commercial.
 I am loving that next week is a short week and I get to be reunited with my sisters.

I am loving that I'm taking a day trip up to Madison, WI. on Saturday to visit on of my best friends and celebrate her birthday with dinner and a comedy show!

I am loving that I'm officially signed up for 2 Turkey Trot's next week. One on Thanksgiving which I did last year - the Turkey Trot 10k - and one at work. The work trot is a little more complicated (and difficult) but I think will be tons of fun. I'm on a team of 5 and each one of us have 2 hours to run as many miles as we can. I've committed to 10 miles and I'm really hoping I can deliver on my promise!
I am loving bow-tie tops even though I haven't found one for myself. They are the perfect work yet party shirt. No?

I am loving that tomorrow I'm going to Arts'n'Spirits in Bucktown. My friend Jenna and I bought the Groupon for it back in August and we are finally getting to go. It's bascailly a BYOB art class. I'll have a review on here next week for sure. The theme for our class is "martini's' which is clearly up my alley!


  1. That painting + drinking class sounds entirely too fun! And of course you will rock 10 miles!

  2. so jealous of your sugar cookie coffeemate! why is coffeemate so good???