Thanksgiving Recap

Why is it that Holidays seem to come and go in a swift blur? Thanksgving feels like it happened yesterday, and yet also, 2 months ago.

Bright and early on Thanksgiving, Joel and I woke up and got over to the biggest Turkey Trot in Chicago. There were +6,000 registered runners, and at least another 1,000 bandits. Lots of people dress up, bring dogs, and come in big, big groups. While all of that is fun, it does make for a pretty difficult run. A lot of the route is on skinny paths, so for all 5 miles of the race, I was dodging puddles and pups.

Either way, running 5 miles is the best way to really stir up a healthy appetite for Thanksgiving! 

Joel and I spent the holiday with our own families, so Joel dropped me off at my cousin's around 11, and the party began.

My mom's family is 100% Italian, so our Thanksgiving includes homemade pasta, lots of cheese and prosciutto, and my all-time favorite, (and I have NO idea how to spell it) fagotch.

The hosts, my cousins, are the new parents to 3 month old twins. And yes, they had 25 people sit down for dinner. 


It was so nice to get my baby fix and spend time with my cousins. I wish we could have Thanksgiving once a month. 

At about 3, we sat down for dinner.
 Every year we go around the table and each person says what they are thankful for. Every year most of the table ends up in tears, but it's a great time to reflect as a family how lucky we all are. 
 After dinner, the games come out. This year we played tripoly and had a few more glasses of wine.
After dinner, I went home with my family and stayed in Crystal Lake for the weekend.

On that Friday, we had my Dad's side come over to celebrate Thanksgiving as well.

The Tyrrell side is the musical side, so after dinner (Portillo's), my sister and Uncle Tom got on stage and really got the party started.

The night got pretty wild, after a few too many glasses of wine (which yes, is a theme) and multiple pieces of chocolate cake, we were all having a good time. 
 I felt like over the weekend I got to enjoy, and see, everyone that I love. I left Crystal Lake on Sunday with a very full heart. 


  1. looks like such a fun Thanksgiving! I love all of your family traditions.

  2. this looks like ONE incredible thanksgiving my friend...all that italian food, fun games, and babies--what more could you ask for?? ;)

  3. Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can't believe your cousins just had twins and they hosted!

  4. sounds and looks like an absolutely great time!

  5. SO. MUCH. FOOD. Looks like fun!!!