Girls in White Dresses

Since I've moved to downtown Chicago I've wanted to start a book club. A good chunk of my best friends live in Chicago, and I've made some new one's along the way, and I thought having a monthly "club" of some sort would be a fun way to get girl time in and pretend that we are adults.

So, finally, after 13 months of thinking about it, I sent out a mass email and we got a book club started. The book was Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

A lot of other bloggers had recommended the book and so I thought it would be a good coming of age, if you will.

side note [I wasn't an enormous fan of the book. It's cute, and it's funny at parts, but I didn't fall in love with any of the characters and found myself lost a few times, curious of what the point was.]

The book club was slated for last Wednesday, so come the Monday before, I was a busy bee getting ready for it.

I wanted to keep the night casual and easy, so I only gussied up a few fun things.

I made discussion questions with Halloween scapbook paper that turned out really cute. For some reason, my picture wont upload, but I'll try to get it up later.

 I would recommend printing out discussion ?'s to beginner book club members because it does keep your group talking about the book.

I made a banana bread, veggie platter, and some chips and guac and dressed up the table with some of my fall decor.

Each of the guests brought a plate to share and before we knew it our night was over.

It was a great way to have friends from different circles meet and mingle, and I hope we keep this book club in tact for years to come.

Our next book is The Book Thief Markus Zusak, which I've heard good things about.


  1. I love to read, and I've always thought it would be great to start or join a book club one day! Looks like your first one went fantastic!

  2. This looks so fun! I've always wanted to join a book club =)

  3. Tess this looks like so much fun!!! haha I wanna join the club :-) Sure wish I lived closer. Would you recommend this book?

  4. Nevermind the fact that I've ALWAYS wanted to do a book club and I'm insanely jealous of you for actually starting one... Your apartment is so cozy!! Is that creepy to say? haha

  5. I love my book club. Probably because we drink more wine than we do talk about the books, ha!

    The Book Thief is realllly good!

  6. I want to come over :( So fun!