December's Diet

Before I get on to how I plan to drop in December, I need to first talk about the best woman I know.

My mom.
Today is her 53 46th birthday. 
My mom is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around. She is an amazing listener, advice giver, friend, shopper, mom, wife, friend, sister, and person. 
The funny things that used to drive me crazy as a kid - like how she refused to have condiment bottles on the kitchen table - now make perfect sense to me. Her sacrifice to my family is the biggest gift she has given me and my sisters and my dad. She is there for every single one of us, whenever we need her, in whatever way. I love her so much and hope that I will grow up to be just like her in every single way.

And, not to completely switch gears...but I need to completely switch gears.

I'm going to Mexico on December 23rd. My parents own a vacation home in Punta Mita, and we have been celebrating Christmas year there for the last 6 years.

You know what Mexico means? Bathing suits, dresses, skirts, shorts, tanks, and corona lights.

You know what that means? I need to freaking DIET. NOW.

But the word diet does scare me, so I'm thinking of it more as a Detox....because that somehow sounds nicer.

Something else that is nicer, is that Joel is going to detox with me. Sometimes not doing things by yourself, "misery enjoys company" type of thing, makes things easier.

So here is my plan:
  • Limit Alcohol. 3x/week.
  • No Bread.(exceptions include low cal wraps and tortillas, as well as whole wheat pizza crust)
  • Write down everything everyday
  • Limit Calories to 1,900/day
  • Use measuring cups to manage portions.
  • Work out everyday for at least 20 minutes
That's it. That's my plan. And I'm pretty sure it will allow me to lose 10lbs.

Okay, maybe 7?

But either way, I'll take what I can get.

I'm going to do a mini-check in on the blog, mainly to hold myself accountable as well monitor my progress.

Am I missing anything that could accelerate this while still allowing it to be achievable?

Do share.


  1. you should use fitness pal to record your food intake/exercise. it's a fun, interactive way to keep track of everything! good luck!!

  2. you can do it lady!! just make sure to drink TONS of water--at least 64 oz a day...that goes a long way, and snack throughout the day instead of 3 larger meals...totally helps keep your metabolism going!

  3. Ahhh! It is my moms bday today too! We are blogging soul mates!! Good luck with the diet..its a never ending struggle!

  4. I just started using myfitnesspal.com yesterday and really like it. Its nice to know exactly what Im taking in and tracks your exercise too. Good luck!

  5. Good luck. Reducing alcohol should help you. I swear every time I have a glass of wine I gain 2 lbs.

  6. your plan sounds great-very feasible and healthy! Great post about your mom too!

  7. Happy birthday to your mom! You and your sisters definitely got her smile!!! :)

    Good luck with the detox - I'm sure you'll be fine, especially with Joel doing it with you. Is he going to Mexico too?