Here and There

Today is my 1st turkey trot of the week. This one is at work, and I’m on of team of 5 with all co-workers. We each have 2 hours to run as many miles as we can. The lucky thing is that we don’t have to do the two hours back to back, so I did my first one this morning at 6:30 and I’m going to do my second hour at 4. I did pretty well this morning and I’m hoping to equal or better results at 4.

Last week Joel broke our living room lamp, which was awesome because it gave me an excuse to go buy a new one. I was expecting friends over for dinner and refused to not have a living room lamp that worked, so I ran to Marshalls and had to deal with whatever they had. I was in-between buying these two but I’m very happy with my selection.

Look at this combination, champagne, clam chowder and grilled cheese with avocado. And the person sitting across from me is one of my best girls. Can you beat this?

Speaking of champagne – this weekend I went to Madison, Wi, to visit my friend Lauren. Madison is such a cool city and it was really nice to catch up with some of my college girls.

I've always had a hard time figuring out how to wear 7lb necklaces statement jewelery but, I finally went for it this week and it turned out okay...

Tonight I’m going to catch up on DVR and get some red curry! And I might even have a beer. After all that running I think I get to reward myself just a wee little bit.

Okay - wish me luck on my second hour of running and I'll see you all tomorrow with a Thankful Thanksgiving post.


  1. way to run! and I'm with you on the statement necklaces, I just haven't mastered the weight, er, art. ;)

  2. love the statement necklace! and the food looks delish!