First of all, I seriously wish MTV or HGTV would bring back Cribs. I would spend hours upon hours watching Cribs marathons, and my favorite section of Cribs was when they would open their fridge and show all of their Vitamin Waters in nice, even lines.

When A Classy, Southern Wife gave us a peak into her fridge, I figured I would do the same.

There are few things I love more than a full fridge.

As soon as I get home from the grocery store I get busy cleaning and cutting fruit. If it's not easy to grab, we won't eat it, so I've found this is the best way to ensure we get our fruit in.

The Laughing Cow wedges make for such a great snack. I like to dip pretzels or wheat things, and at 35 calories a wedge, they're really fulfilling.

With all of the extra Turkey we had from Thanksgiving, I made a huge salad and broke it into 6 mini-containers so that we can have turkey salads for lunch all week. I added sun-dried tomato, almond chips, Parmesan cheese, onion, and ceaser dressing. 

Can you see that coffee-mate on the right hand side of the door? That's my new favorite item in my fridge. Warm, Cinnamon Sugar Cookie. I wish I could drink the cream plain....it's seriously that good.

We always have loads of greek yogurt. I have it almost every morning with fruit and granola and it keeps me pretty full until lunch.

Hummus is another item that I never go without. My favorite brand is Sabra, and I'm currently obsessed with the "Supremely Spicy" flavor.

I brought Joel with my on my last grocery run and he convinced me to get the Winter Sampling of 312. 312 beer (which is an area code here in Chicago), is bottled and brewed about 4 blocks from our house and is some of the best beer I've ever had.

Behind the orange juice is my stash of La Croix. I'm pretty obsessed. I don't ever drink soda at home, but I do have about 3-4 La Croix's on any given day.

Do you freeze your bread? It really helps keep your bread last. Especially if your grocery store is anything like mine. We constantly have Buy 1, Get 1 for English Muffins, so I have about 6 packages. If you are ever in need of a good English muffin, stop on over.

We don't eat red meat or pork at home, but we do eat a lot of ground turkey, chicken, and salmon.

I still have those Apple Pies that we make every year and freeze....but I think I'm going to take a few to my next book club meeting, mainly to just free up some room in my freezer.

What are some staples in your fridge? Anything that is filling and low in calorie - I'd LOVE to know about!


  1. We freeze our bread too, and then we also put ours in the fridge. It really makes it last SO much longer! :)

  2. ah I love this post! I'm such a snoop! Love your healthy fridge-I eat many of the same things! La Croix is addictive-there has to be more than just water in there!

  3. Love this post too. Unfortunately I share my fridge space with 2 other roommates so it never looks this tidy and organized. So smart to pre-cut all your fruit and make your salads for lunch ahead of time.

  4. aww MTV cribs - loved that show! and man, my fridge has pretty much nothing in it except alcohol and condiments... hmmm

    also we did a video of MTV cribs one time of my neighbors apt, hysterical. I might have to look that up and share it soon!

  5. Such a good idea to cut the fruit right away - my mom used to do it all the time! Now that I think about it I should start doing that here... Kevin is always buying fruit and then "forgetting" about it and it ends up being thrown out.

  6. 1)Beer looks amaze. 2)Love those cheese wedges. 3)My fridge is filled with breastmilk 4)I always buy 100 calorie pudding packs...good for a low cal chocolatey night time snack.

  7. Your fridge looks similar to mine! I always have chobani, simply orange and fresh fruit/veggies. I'm the same way with the english muffins- freezing the free one is the easiest way to take advantage of the deal!

  8. I love your blog! I'm one of your new followers! :)

  9. I am addicted to La Croix. It really saved me from my diet coke addiction. P.S. I spy Vodka in yo freezer.

  10. Your turkey salad sounds amaze! We eat so much Sabra hummus it is embarrasing. I need to get on the La Croix bandwagon and drink less Diet Coke...

  11. I love this! I actually have contemplated doing one of these types of posts on a more frequent basis. It makes things interesting. :)